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    Very good update, I liked it as it has grown very much this plugin

    Now I have a new cuestion. I must now put three packages to post publication, this are: premium, basic and free. Each with must a different style and with different html and displayed in different spaces in index, being the premium package which is in first position, followed by the basic package look in second positon and finally free package last position.

    1 – Premium Package: User pays more money for it. This should occupy space double the size of the other two (different div and change size in the style css) and must have red background (css style to change the background) and to display the list in first position in the index.

    2 – Basic Package: User some money pay. You must occupy only one space should have green background (css style change background color) and must be listed in second position in the index

    3 – Free Package: You must occupy a single space, you must have gray background (css style change background color) and must list in the last position. Additionally, you can not link to single.php and that all information will be in index.php has no links to any site.

    I don't need what the style, I need you help me how come differenciated three packages in the index loop?

    You helped me a lot in the previous question and I was very happy with this solution. Now I need you help me now to do three publishing package with different css and html each.

    Maybe your previous solution your can complete for me if you put an other package in the conditional case.

    You say me this solution for two packages one free and other to pay

    function wpuf_paid_filter($classes) {
    global $post;
    $key = ‘_wpuf_order_id';
    $wpufmeta = get_post_meta($post->ID, $key, TRUE);

    if ($wpufmeta != ‘ ‘){
    $class[] = ‘paid';
    } else {
    $class[] = ‘free';
    return $class;

    add_filter(‘post_class', ‘wpuf_paid_filter');

    I need to know about how I can handle three different packages in the loop and told me how you handle two, now I have three. Perhaps using the id of the package?

    Thank you very much for you help and congratulation for you support is very good


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    Hello Robert,

    Sorry for inconvenience. All Dev members are on vacation. You will get response from them on 3 August.

    Thank you.


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Roberto,
    First make the subscription packages and inspect the classes from your browser and write CSS according to that inside your theme. In that way you'll be able to change the appearance of the subscription pacs.

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