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    Basem Aly

    I've been testing your wonderful WP Projects Pro with a few themes, and it seems that a few of them don't show existing milestones, even though the project's main page says there are existing milestones. When I switch themes the milestones suddenly re-appear. I haven't noticed any other theme-problems other than the milestone listing. I can create new milesstones, but they just don't show. The themes I noticed this problem with are:
    Spacious- http://themegrill.com/themes/spacious/
    and Quest- http://pacethemes.com/wordpress-themes/quest/

    I'm sure this issue occurs with other themes as well. Can you please tell me what line of code or what function would ordinarily show the milestones so I can troubleshoot this issue with these themes and if it crops up with any others? Thanks.


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    Without seeing the error or page it is hard to provide any solution. If you have installed that theme in your site then you can provide me the page link to see then I can inspect the issue. But I think there is CSS issue. You can check with Inspect element tool.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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