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    As mentioned many times before:


    The custom fields are not in the posts as indicated in the free version.


    I'm not interested codes as:

    <? php the_meta ()?>

    Likewise one wants wants to adjust the custom fields also display via CSS yet, this is the normal meta indication that bad. He also thus in the front so indicates:

    (that one can expect any customer. This is solved in the professional free version.)

    In the free version, and it shows in the front label wpuf-customs professionally. It looks awful from the meta version, is unprofessional and can not be recycled. He should not the meta-key name in the frontend display but professionally the Field Label Name and behind the entered data, see here, as in the free version:

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    or: for the attachments and images:

    <? php

    $ args = array (

    ‘post_type' => ‘attachment',

    ‘number posts' => 0,

    ‘post_status' => null,

    ‘post_parent' => $ post-> ID


    $ attachments = get_posts ($ args);

    if ($ attachments) {

    foreach ($ attachments as $ attachment) {

    wp_get_attachment_image echo ($ attachment-> ID, ‘medium');




    Since the solutions are only laymen and not as wp in the free verison was installed user frontend professionally. The custom fields are like the demo on wedevs not visible in posts.

    Uploaded images and attachments are not displayed.

    The free version was also well suited Responsive. The new version either.


    Tareq Hasan
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    If you look at the wordpress.org support forum, people had opened a bunch of threads about how to not show those custom fields and images. Thats the reason I dropped the option to display the custom fields.

    Anyway, if you want show the custom fields as the free version, drop this code in your themes functions.php. They will show automatically in your posts.


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    hi Tareq,


    that was exactly my problem. I'll do the rest yourself eh, so CSS, etc.


    Thank you. I fought for it. (-;


    For me, these fields are important because in WordPress 3.6 Custom fields are increasingly coming to the fore, I used this now more than categories.


    But that was what made me despair. The rest you can always make yourself. That's no problem. So everything is still good luck. greetings Rick


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    Hi Tareq,

    I forget something? The files and pictures are displayed as links and are not inserted directly into the posts.

    Otherwise, it works beautifully with the CFs. A note that Multiselect drop is perfect.

    So as a text like the other custom fields.


    Thank you for a solution. Cheers Rick


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    Has done. I have not solved the code from above:


    <? php echo get_post_meta ($ post-> ID, ‘name', true);?>


    with span and li. So you can even navigate it in the single.php per cf field and adapted at the css.


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    interesting ! Glad to know its working 🙂

    Is your site online ? can i have a view ?


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    the page is not yet online. Should already have been done long ago. But as is so often. I need the CF's for display in the posts themselves, not all distributed individually and where they should be placed. I used exclusively CFs for entering posts / ads from users.


    zb. I created so my map with indication of the location of posts / in the page then it is the “job, project, etc.” Location with directions to the destination. Everything is automated with CFs. Similarly, regions etc. have been used with CFs for viewing, searching and sorting. The regions expand, so automatically. The user simply enters the company or its location. So it is with all automated and requires very little care or own Erwertung like categories.


    The site had to be fast, extremely easy to navigate and extremely easy to create an ad and go quickly. Similarly, the contact to the user / company. It is also applied International. The world is expanding and for the people must be the same. Quickly and easily.


    I hope next week I can go online. Then post / I can send you the link.


    Cheers Rick

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