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    I have a main shop with little shop. I use per product shipping with by seller option for little store.
    But for my main shop (with woocommerce) i use shipping option in woocommerce with shipping zone.
    In the order with to seller i have just the shipping option by seller. The price of little seller is add but not my.

    See : mois-pour-moi.fr

    Can you help me please


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello Sophie,
    Your problem is not clear to me.
    1. Are you saying that the prices of the product are not being shown properly in the checkout page?
    2. You are unable to add price of the product?

    Which one?


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    The owner of the woocommerce has a product with shipping cost.
    the Seller have products and shipping cost also.

    If i buy a product of the seller and one product of owner the shipping
    cost of the owner is not added to the order shipping cost. I have 2 line
    : one with shipping of seller and one with shipping of owner (with
    bullet choice….)

    But if a have juste different seller product (no owner) the shipping
    cost is added correctly….
    Le 2014-09-22 07:20, weDevs Team a écrit :


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    Hello Sophie,

    If you are using Per product shipping then you have to get rid off admin pre-set shipping cost. else, system will get confused. Each and every seller have to set their own shipping cost including admin individually.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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