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    I managed to create packages using front end. I decided to try and offer a recurring pack using pmpro, this works and is fine.

    The issues I have are, in pmpro when a plan is active it overrides the subscriptions of WPUF and a user would have to select a pmpro package, which if I have to I can deal with… However;

    1. PMPRO does not let me use a custom registration form I used in WWPUF…
    2. If I create a free package in PMPRO users can buy it as many times as the want. (Not good)

    is there a way to combine these more? in particular the registration form so PMPRO uses either WPUF or theme my login registration form?
    and to prevent users from buying or selecting many free plans.

    Many thanks ,



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    is there any particular reason to use PMPRO? wpuf pro has all these features build-in.


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    Hi I have sent an email.


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    Hi, di you manage to check my mail? I have been waiting a while now for a reply.

    Any how,

    here are my issue/s

    1. I wanted a recurring subscription system.
    2. I also want to lock down certain pages and PMPRO offers that solution.

    the problem is that if I enable PMPRO I can create a plan to lock down pages but If I have it enabled with WPUF, PMPRO takes over registration and profile which I do not want.

    Also I guess if I switch of your plugin for PMPRO and a user buys a plan in PMPRO that grants access to pages, they will not get access to posting packages from WPUF.

    If I have got this wrong , can you give me some direction as I have not heard a reply yet.

    I could use PMPRO with your plugin to do all plans BUT when I use PMPRO and create a free plan , on my site I offer first 10 posts for free, with PMPRO users can continue to buy more free packs, I do not want this. Is there a way to achieve this???

    Many Thanks


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    Tareq Hasan
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    Hello Trevor, I am very sorry that we haven't responded yet. We were really busy releasing our theme, so couldn't manage to reply you.

    You could change Levels Page: setting in pmpro to WPUF's register page may be. That way, when a user tries to register, they will see the WPUF's register page. Then create another page with [wpuf_sub_pack] and [pmpro_levels] shortcode for choosing the membership levels. Keep the free package on WPUF and other packages to pmpro. That might solve some issues.

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