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    Hello, I have the developer package, and i have one question.

    Integrating the wp user front end pro with paid membership pro, is it possible to create different packages offering like 5, 10, 20 posts per package and expiry day of each post?, and my question is, if a client buys lets say a package of 5 posts with expiry day of 30 days. The expiry day it is affecting each of the 5 posts expiring independently? (this is what actually i want to do)………………..or the client has 30 days to use the package and post the 5 posts?

    It is urgent because i will see a client in few hours to discuss a new project.

    Thank you in advance….


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    answers are –

    – yes, Different packages with different post limit with expiry date possible with wpuf-pro and membership-pro

    – If customer buys a package of 5 posts with expiry day of 30 days then client has 30 days to use the package and post the 5 posts and when the date expire all post status become draft.


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    Sir hi, i did a test of 1 day subscription, the client subscription is
    expired but all posts remains published. Do i missing any option? Not draft.



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    I am just mentioning what i did in order to be sure i am correct:

    1) I have installed both WP Frontend Pro and Paid Membership pro + the addon which connects both.

    2) Turn ON Charge for posting and Force Pack Purchase from WPUF Settings

    3) I have created a membership level with expiry day 1 and post count 2.

    4) I have created a form using wp frontend wp (Posting at “POSTS”) and select for the page including that form shortcode the above level i already created.

    5) I have purchased a package (via paid membership pro) and then i made 2 front end posts using the form i have create using wp frontend pro plugin. Everything went ok, and the 2 posts listing on posts list.

    6) After one day i cannot login on my membership and i need to renew my subscription which is correct.

    7) The posts i already posted a day before, are still Published… NOT DRAFT ๐Ÿ™

    Please i need help and it is urgent because tomorrow i will see a new client. I had to see him few days ago and I postpone it for tomorrow.



    Tareq Hasan
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    Hi, sorry you've been misinformed. The membership expiry only prohibits the user to submit new posts. It doesn't set the posts to draft.

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