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    I sent you an email on March 23 but I had no answer. Then I copy you paste the contents of my message here hoping it finds an answer.

    After exploring your theme, I found several problems that do not permit me to complete this project. Here is a list of problems:

    Problems Reviews

    – Payment Management

    From my experience on this subject, the only way that sellers receive payment of their sales is to submit to the site administrator a request for withdrawal as it is the administrator who receives payment of all sales made ​​on its website. This system does not suit me for several reasons. The first is ethical, I do not want to have to possess and manage money sellers. This is a great responsibility that I do not wish to endorse.

    The second reason is technical. Indeed, the theme provides an opportunity for vendors to apply their higher withdrawal scales and the administrator does not have the possibility to check the balance of sellers! This can lead to abuse by sellers and even if the administrator has access to different commands, you will understand that the manual calculation of the balance of each vendor is not practical. Also, the administrator can remove applications validated withdrawals which has the effect of re-crediting the balance of sales even if a transfer has already been done.

    In sum, the current management of payments of sellers is not secure enough to manage a multi-vendors in peace. What would be perfect is that you put up on your theme system allowing customers to pay sellers directly without the site administrator.

    – Management of shipping

    Unless I am mistaken, the vendors can not handle the shipping of their shops themselves. Rather, it is the administrator to pay the costs of global delivery used by all shops. This is very debilitating for our sellers because each seller suggest different modes of transport (Colossimo Letter Max, Global Relay, Chronopost, etc..) And different conditions (pricing to weight, purchased item number, free from ‘ a certain amount, etc..). The current management of shipping therefore allow me to meet the needs of each store.

    Important issues

    – Order Management
    When an order is placed, the seller does not receive email to notify him and he is forced to go on the Dashboard to view. See an email notification on a specific homepage would judicueux. Also, the sale is not recorded on the dashboard of the seller even though the customer has paid. The seller is credited with the sale only when it changes status to “completed”.

    Client side, it does not receive any email to inform him of the receipt of the order and in case of change of status of the control side vendor (in preparation, during delivery, etc..) The client receive any email to inform him.

    – Translation Theme

    To explore the subject in detail and working in good conditions, I translated Dokan in French (from the file. Provides pot) to 70% (the remaining 30% are a few terms in the backoffice part, all terms Front office in the file have been translated.) However there are still many terms in Front Office who are not in the file. Pot and therefore remain in English on the website. For someone like me who have no idea about programming, I do not know how to be able to translate these terms.

    Secondary problems

    – Change homepage
    It is unfortunate that we can not change the view and location of elements on the Hompage. For example, I do not wish to have the categories to the left of the site but in my Slider Top Menu, how is it done? Like if I want to add a couple of clickable images (like the slider) to different location on the homepage, how is it done?

    Here is the account of different problems with your Theme Dokan. I apologize in advance if any of the points raised, some are due to a lack of research on my part at the theme. For the rest, it is unfortunately not possible to me to put my project up with your theme as the issues discussed in the “Critical issues” are not resolved. So if you can not be corrected, I ask you to give me a refund for my purchase, it does not correspond to the constraints related to the creation of a “Market Place”.

    PS : Verry Sorry for my English, I used Google Traduction. I leave you below my original email in French if you want to translate it yourself.

    Best Regards,


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    why nobody answers … I paid $ 199 I think I have the right to reply, right?


    Nizam Uddin
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    Hello Naim
    Sorry for late response. Actually i saw your post but it was huge i wanted to give answer later but unfortunately i forgot it. Sorry for that.

    --Payment management
    I think Paypal Adaptive Payments addon can solve your problem http://wedevs.com/plugin/dokan/paypal-adaptive-payments/

    --Management of shipping
    We are using Woocommerce and it was great challenge to handle shipping for seller. Maybe Per Product shipping addon can solve your problem

    --Order Management
    Why you are saying this. Seller will get mail notification in every order of his product. He would get a no-reply message from dokan system instantly after a order.

    We have nice system for order management. Documentation is here http://docs.wedevs.com/managing-orders/

    -- Translation Theme
    Please explain us which words are not translatable. Translation documentation is here http://docs.wedevs.com/dokan-in-your-language/

    -- Change Homepage
    Please read our documentation how to setup homepage http://docs.wedevs.com/home-page-settings/
    You can define which option you wanted to show and which are not.
    You can also change site appearance easily . Read documentation here

    We also baking some child theme of Dokan. Will release those soon.
    If you need further customization you need to hire someone.

    --Refund issue
    All of our sale is final.There is no opportunity for refund. Please read our TOS http://wedevs.com/terms-of-service/

    There have nice description what Dokan have http://wedevs.com/theme/dokan/

    There is also a demo where you can test before buy http://demo.wedevs.com/dokan/
    Also have nice documentation here http://docs.wedevs.com/category/themes/dokan/

    So you can't request for refund..

    Thank you for understanding

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