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    Hello I just purchased this plugin and I am thinking of upgrading it to a 5 site license, but I have a couple of more questions.

    I have the form set to show custom fields under the post but it shows the empty “upload a file” title even when nothing has been uploaded.

    How can I remove empty custom fields from showing up underneath each post?

    I tried the solution posted at this link: http://wedevs.com/support/topic/hide-meta-fields-that-are-not-filled/#post-10262
    but it shut down the whole website and would not load a page when implemented.

    I really need to hide this stuff from the output.

    I also posted a question at the end of someone elses post so in order to not be hijacking their post, I am going to add it here again.

    I need all front end submitted posts to go to a “User Submitted” category along with the category chosen in the actual form..

    So each user submitted post will automatically show up in two different categories?

    I have my default category chosen as “user submitted” and a category for them to choose in the actual form, but it only shows up in the one they choose and not the default “user submitted” category..

    Thank You


    Oritro Ahmed
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    Well, For the 2nd Question, You can specify a Default Category in the From Settings or User Can chose a Category from the list, But the Main plugin don't provide functionality like a pre-fixed Category and a User Selected Category. You have to Write a Action hook for that. Here is prior Details about WPUF Action Hook, http://docs.wedevs.com/using-action-hook-field/


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    Ok thanks.. I figured it out..


    Joe F
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    Hey Dana,
    Curious what code was used to figure this out. Thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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