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    When i view your demo link and i click on the Log in or sign up on the top left, im taken to this link: http://demo.wedevs.com/dokan/my-account/

    But on when my site i do the same im taken to: http://www.divaashop.com/?page_id=26

    Where i am only able to view Login, and i cant seem to find register. Im not sure if i missed out something in the settings. I cant seem to find it.

    Kindly advice. Thanks


    Tareq Hasan
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    You haven't enabled registration option in WordPress, go to settings menu and check “anyone can register” option.


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    Haha … I feel kinda dumb now ….thank you for your speedy reply. Good Day


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    Dear weDevs team,

    Ive stumbled upon a few more issues. Appreciate if you could advice:

    1) When a seller via his dashboard creates a new product and chooses
    inventory management together with remaining stock avaliable? how come
    this does not capture on admin view?

    2) How do i diable mobile and tablet view ?

    3) When a seller registers in my site, doesnt the system provide a
    unique address such as http://www.divaashop.com/storename how come its creating
    http://www.divaashop.com/shop/shoptest ? When i try accessing this link via
    typing in the address in the link column, or via click on “view site” on
    dashboard it takes me back to the website home page

    4) Once the sellers product is approved by admin, it seems the seller is
    unbale to further edit details of the product?

    Hope to get clarification soonest.



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    Please ignore the previous

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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