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    I don't know if this must be on ideas or in dokan category on the forum, so please advise me if i have to post it on Ideas.

    Can you please consider to add on future versions of Dokan this 2 Adds?

    1. A search box for Stores on the Stores Section: Is dificult to find a store if there's not a search box for stores. People don't have patience to search page by page.

    2. A way to edit the permalink for store to give the Dokan theme more flexibility:
    In this way the users from other languages as me ( spanish) can rename the permalink from stores to tiendas.
    Or for cosmetic purpouses some people can call it agencies.


    Nizam Uddin
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    Hello Miguel de la Cueva
    You are always welcome for your ideas.
    1. We are planning to add couple of search features in Dokan, Like – search by store, Dashboard search , search inside a category etc.It is just time consuming. Our developer team is working hard to bring all new features.

    2. We will think about it although it is very complicated.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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