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    Allow sellers to use their affiliate link (provided to them in the “Affiliates” section of their Seller dashboard (Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/LBaLDCs0Tdni). The “Affiliates” section also has a breakdown of commissions earned through their affiliate referrals.

    How this would work:
    – Seller refers another seller who pays the monthly store subscription (when you guys launch the subscription add-on).
    – Administrators can choose whether or not Sellers receive a one-time commission and set that dollar amount or receive a lifetime commission from their referrals (a percentage of their monthly subscription).
    – The “Affiliate” dashboard will have a section that shows their referrals (the Seller's username/store name) and dollar amount of commissions earned each month.

    This would help give Sellers the incentive to spread the word about the site for other people to set up (and pay) for stores helping earn both the site owner (administrator) and Seller's earn extra money.


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    Thank you. We searched everywhere but didn't find any good affiliate system to works with woocommerce. so, we will create one for Dokan for sure. No ETA yet though.

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