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    Hi Tareq,

    I have created my first form and that works really well and if a user does not have a package they redirected to the subscription page.

    Here is my problem. I have a page on my site where I want users to submit information in order to request a quote. Guest and non members need to be able to use this form.

    1. I create a new form and allowed guest to post but unchecked require register user.
    2. I pasted the shortcode into the new page.

    Now when ever the users visit the page the get redirected to the subscription page, it seems to be using the same redirect the other form does.

    Obviously this is not good as I cant have any form I create redirect to subscription page especially if it is just collecting data, your help is most appreciated as this is giving me a big headache now.


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    I think, issue is you enabled “Force pack purchase” from WPUF Settings -> Payments


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    Hi , yes I have, that is because I have an article submission form that I want to make sure people can't just post and have to pay or sign up for a free subscription.

    I then have a second form on a separate page to allow people to submit details for something else.
    What is the point in having the option to create multiple forms if they all have to use “force pack” ?????

    I think you need to put in settings page an option to allow which forms to apply “force payment pack” on to otherwise this really limits the benefits of allowing multiple forms.

    Please can you get back to me asap with a solution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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