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    I like WP project manager Pro a lot. And I have some requirements/ideas:

    1. Project attachments should not be available/visible in the WP media library (maybe only for administrators) – neither in media library (backend) itself nor in the modal attachment window when creating/editing a page or post in WP. Projects are closed areas, thus, its content (attachments) must be protected against the “public” part of WP. A separate upload folder for the project management would be fine too, but is not a must-have.

    2. Project managers should be also able to edit entries. They can already delete the project or entries. I think, editing would be reasonable as long as changes are reported in the Activity view.

    3. Under “My tasks” it would be good to see also the task list to which a task belongs, either as “prefix” of the task's title or the tasks grouped by task list (and the task list also linked). There's enough space in this view…

    4. With a WYSIWYG editor one could write structured text. Would be good for all kinds of entries. Is it possible to embed the WP editor somehow?

    5. A “sticky” flag for messages would be useful, e.g. to keep a project workflow description always on top of the messages.

    6. Keep better overview with display filters (e.g. for hiding/showing finished task lists), like already started with “my tasks” and the project overview.

    And finally 7. I wonder if a task responsible could get an automatic email reminder before/when the tasks starts (if enabled) and ends.

    What do you think and what is maybe already on your roadmap?

    And then I found some little bugs:

    1. In Activity pane, private messages are linked even for users without private permission.

    2. After editing a message, the (changed) message title is not instantly updated like the message body.

    Best regards


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    Thank you Daniel for your awesome ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

    As you know, WP project manager is on it's very early stage there are many fields and areas we have to work and improve.

    I am glad to inform you that we have a dedicated team for WP Project manager so, you will get regular updates and new features through this year.

    and, regarding bugs – hopefully these will be shorted out in next update.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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