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    Will there be a Store Search Function in Next Update?

    EIther from the Sellers Page, to be able to search for Stores,

    Or the Global search, should be able to search from Seller store name database

    Will this come out in the next update please?

    Sellers are going to demand that their buyers can find them


    When a seller creates and account, their URL should show up in their Account/Dashboard so that they know what their own URL is.

    I have had friends test and not know why they cant find their store, they dont realize when setting up that their spaces are then counted as “-” and more.

    Simple solution, is in the Dashboard, sellers should be able to view what their store URL is.

    1) Seller global search feature
    2) Seller URL shows in Dashboard under Account or somewhere simple
    3) Refund feature through the Dashboard? Where can they refund through the dashboard or do sellers have to go to their Paypal to do this?

    I would have Searched the past forum topics, but the Search feature on your topic page is not working for me. I type in it and it doesnt pull up and I have to look through all 140+ pages of topics.

    Not sure if you are aware it is not functioning


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    Thank you for your great suggestion. We will keep your feature request in our log. We are working on refund feature. As soon as possible we will release an add-on for seller refund option.



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    Nayem, store search would be a welcome feature.

    I have enquired previously about the seller url. Neither admin not seller can see our edit the seller url. This to would a welcome feature.

    Also the ability to search only a seller store.

    And, in seller store you can select categories, but once you select a category there is nothing to let you go back to viewing all of the sellers product. This should be really easy to do

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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