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    I have stripe enabled but if a seller does not have stripe activated they cannot sell their items even though they have PayPal as a payment method. I get this error message

    “This seller has not configured his Stripe payment gateway and the product can not be purchased!”

    I've already reviwed the below forum

    I just wanted to check whether you have implemented the dokan check for the below scenarios as suggested in forum

    1. If all sellers whose products have been added to cart are using /activated the both payment gateways i.e. Stripe and PayPal. If so, then allow user to chose which option to pay with : Stripe or PayPal.

    2. If from the sellers whose products have been added to cart, one seller has paypal activated and the other has both paypal and Stripe, the only give option to pay using the most common gateway, in this case it would be paypal. But if one seller has paypal but both have stripe, then the common gateway is Stripe, only allow payment via stripe.

    Hoping for your response as soon as possible



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    If you will activate stripe plugin then your seller has to connect their stripe account otherwise they will not be able to sell any product. They should connect their payment gateway correctly to start selling.

    1. Seller has to configure both Paypal adaptive and stripe. Then when a customer will add a product into the cart then he will be able to pay via stripe or PayPal. If a seller connected his stripe account not the PayPal then when a customer will purchase a product from him and if the customer pays through PayPal then it will show error.

    So, the seller should configure both gateway (If both enable from the admin panel).

    2. Same answer for this. Seller can not start selling without both gateways configured.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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