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    Hi just purchased Sub-Tasks.
    To create a subtask you have to create on a tasks, which opens up the task. From there you can create a task. When you go back to task list. Your tasks show but not your subtasks. If you complete a task but the sub-tasks are not completed yet, the system allows you to complete the tasks.
    From the main task list menu, it should display this way:
    My Task List:
    1. Task 1
    a. Sub Task 1
    b. Sub Task 2
    c. Sub Task 3
    2. Task 2
    a. Sub Task 1
    b. Sub Task 2
    c. Sub Task 3

    How it's setup now for subtasks is completely useless for our project management. To many errors can be made and tasks overlooked.

    If it does not work this way, please refund the task plugin.

    Thank you,


    Sekander Badsha
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    Hello David,
    The idea you gave us is really great! You can submit your ideas here: https://bitbucket.org/wedevs/pm-sub-task/issues
    I'm sure that you've seen the demo and usage of that plugin before buying. And we have no refund policy. You can see our terms and conditions here http://wedevs.com/terms-of-service/


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    any news from this point? Subtasks are great but we need to see it on the main to-do-list. Tha last post was 6 month ago and would be great know anything about this new issue.

    By the way, it's possible to create a sub-sub task? Could be great as well.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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