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    Hi there,

    1. seems it's not possible to show the seller profile in a different language. I only need to translate the fields, not the actual content. Any way this can be done?

    2. Also is it possible to do the same thing for products? I want the products in only one language, but be able to display them in a translated page, with different categories. Only way I found to do this is to make a function to automatically duplicate the products in all languages but it only works from the back-end.

    3. When is the updated version of the theme coming out?

    4. When is the private message add-on coming out?



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    All of this in WPML


    Nizam Uddin
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    1. If you found any word that is not available in language file then let us know, we will update the language file. You can change the the field value in the theme code if you want.

    2. I think you know that Dokan is using Woocommerce. Product part is coming from Woocommerce. Its not possible in frontend at this moment.

    3. No ETA right now. Our team is working on child theme. After completing child theme we will release an update.

    4. Private message addon is in our list, we didn't start it yet. But Order dispute addon is almost complete. We will release it soon.
    Thank you..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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