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    How do I turn off downloadable / Virtual products?

    None of these options will pertain to my store types

    I cannot find where to turn the option for these off so they do not show up on the seller product type options for upload

    Please inform with detailed response

    Thank you


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    I asked the same, some time ago in this post, but has not been implemented yet:
    With every plugin-update I have to change this code (v2.4.2):
    – dokan-plugin/templates/products, open new-product-singe.php; comment out those line number 435-496
    – dokan-plugin/templates/orders, open details.php; comment out line number 140, 143
    – dokan-plugin/templates/orders, open details.php; line 139: class=“dokan-panel dokan-panel-default“ deleted
    – dokan-plugin/includes/pro/templates/products/edit, open sidebar.php; comment out line numbers 84-142


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    @martin, Thank you for providing this solution.

    We will try to implement this feature in near future.



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    Very helpful but I cant quite figure out how to get to the code section. any tip as to where I access it?

    Another very bothersome thing is in WordPress Lightbox how the image file name shows up on pictures.
    most clients dont rename to anything decent and dont want to spend the time to rename their images.

    If they were to rename them that would be great for SEO purposes etc, but they dont.

    Do you know how to remove the Image name when someone clicks on images and they pull up in WordPress/Woocommerce lightbox and file is above the image square?

    Its an unprofessional looking nuisance

    Thank you for your assistance. Definitely appreciated


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    I definitely would add two features thusfar:

    Turn File name on/off above images

    Turn Downloadable/Virtual images on/off

    Additional products you can make good money off of selling as Dokan an WooCommerce products:

    Option to Limit file size of uploads/subscribers to x of x without having to search for other company plugins to ensure compatiblility–lots of options already out there but make one that caters to your clients

    Now this one is a big one, because there are no solutions out there right now, you could sell to a massive clientele by making it compatible for all multivendor (woocommerce multivendor/dokan/more):

    Detailed US tax files (and other country files) with all cities zips as a sellable product of somesort or cloud product, kept updated, in a compresses version so that website does not crash due to too many lines in backend– if you figure this one out for different countries and sell as a WooCommerce product you would make another million in a couple years. Compatible and for sale for Multivendor platform Dokan and WooVendors both. Tax cloud is only for single seller not multivendor support. Figure that one out and you make more serious money (because we know you are making good serious money already this year, congratulations). Figure out this solution and you will have your most popular product ever im sure.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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