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    Where is the new updates as promised by Nayem that will be released today ?


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    holding my breath too. I am sure it is coming soon.

    they are packing in a lot of updates and fixes im sure so takes time (asking for our patience) im hoping it is delayed because of thorough testing, when making changes it can cause new glitches im sure, id rather it be glitch free than crash my site or have more bugs or the current bugs not fixed right.

    My main issue killing me:

    both the Paypal and Paypal adaptive show up in my shopping cart for my customers buying for sellers. Even with the settings done correctly and all paypal and paypal adaptive keys/signatures etc all in place correctly as reviewed by the Paypal team and even checked off as correct by Dokan support so there is a glitch.

    It also shows both paypal and paypal adaptive in checkout for subscribers checking out

    Its not automatically choosing the option as it should.

    What update issues are you waiting for? This is my main one for sure. other small ones but this one about checkout with paypal gives me nightmares and acid reflux right now.


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    PayPal is causing me some issues as well.

    What other bugs have people noticed, just in case I have not thoroughly tested it?


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    + 1 on waiting eagerly for the update. My product description box is broken (shows html script from the front end) making the site pretty much redundant until it is fixed.

    My biggest concern though is that there seems to be significant holes in Dokan's testing & quality assurance protocol for new releases. Is their policy to just release and let users find and report the issues? Makes me very very wary of future updates.


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    I am really sorry for the inconvenience. We will release our update today. Hope after that everything will be fine. Thank you for having patience.


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    Patience is all we can have nayem. we can hire a developer to sort it but that just means another headache when Dokan gets updated and the site braking again.

    Just to touch on a comment above – what is your testing policy: is it a case a release Beta and let users give you feedback or do you have focus groups/ bete testers testing your products before you release like real users like us?

    You should invite people like us to test before release. I would have expected you to do that already. If you are not, then this is something you should be doing.


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    Hello Nurul,

    Yes, When a major update will come we will send the plugin to our existing customer to test the plugin. Though this update is urgent for that reason we can not send it for beta testing. If you are interested then in near future we will select you as our beta tester.

    WordPress and WooCommerce update their plugin. For that reason few issues come out. We have fixed those issues in our plugin, Dokan subscription and PayPal adaptive payment also.


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