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October 26, 2014 at 12:46 am in reply to: No Map or Contact Form Showing 29054
andriesvw andriesvw

@Sk Shaikat

I am using a Premium woocommerce theme with the Dokan 1.1 Plugin. I don’t see a “Store” widget area in Appearance-widgets anywhere.

Do I need to tell my theme somehow that there is a store sidebar available so that it appears under Appearance-widgets? If so, how?

And if this is the case, you guys should really put it in your documention please. Your plugin is not compatible with any woocommerce theme as you’ve mentioned.


October 25, 2014 at 12:15 am in reply to: ETA for Dokan plugin 1.2 release? 29026
andriesvw andriesvw

Hi Sekander

Thanks for your reply.

I’m referring to some of the posts in this forum which indicate incorrect code logic and other problems people are having.

To explain my scenario:
I’m not using the Dokan 2 theme, only the Dokan 1.1 plugin.
I’m using a blank woocommerce starter theme called Thematic built by Automattic themselves because I want to custom build my theme:


I have also tried the Warp Framework from YooThemes with their Master2 child theme, but no success. I could not get the “Dokan Store Categories” to display in any of the widget areas on any of the pages: – Look for the Master 2 child theme
The same thing with Woothemes’ Canvas theme.

1. “Store categories” only display on some Woocommerce themes. I had to battle to find one that actually works. I read somewhere in the forums that “not all themes have a sidebar called “store”, and that is probably the reason so many Woocommerce themes won’t show the store categories widget, or something like that.
In this Thematic theme, the store page shows both “Dokan Categories” as well as “Dokan Store Categories”.
How do I control this?
I would like to only display “Dokan Store Categories” on the Store page, and “Dokan categories” on the shop page.
Please look at these screenshots and tell me if/what I’m doing wrong, because for the life of me I can’t get it working properly, haha!

Here is my sidebar widget setup. I have added both “Dokan Categories” and “Dokan Store Categories” to it. I don’t know if this correct or not?

Here is the shop page, it only shows the the “Dokan Categories” widget, which is correct.

And here is what happens on the Store page – it shows both “Dokan Categories” and “Dokan Store Categories”.

Is there documentation somewhere on how I need to modify a theme to enable it to show the “Dokan Store Categories” or can you tell me how to do it please?

Can you also please tell me which page the “vendor store page” uses for its layout?

2. I see “not being able to delete a product from the seller’s dashboard” has been fixed in plugin 1.1. Thanks for that. I was previously testing Dokan Plugin 1.0.

I would really appreciate your help, Sekander!

Some Suggestions:
1. A Seller should preferably be required to add at least one image when creating a new product.

2. This is not really a bug, but something that really should be addressed. A seller should not be able to buy from themselves. What do you think? Wouldn’t this perhaps cause unnecessary transfer of monies etc. / or even potentially mess up reports/statistics for either the website owner or vendor?

Have a good weekend!

Viewing 2 Topics - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)