Dokan 2.3 What’s New?

Dokan 2.3 is here!

And it comes with some new features, some tweaks and minus the boring issues. To make the Dokan platform more awesome and better for you, we have worked hard while you were already smooth sailing with the powerful Dokan 2.1. Now, it is more feature-istic, balanced and offers even more control. Let’s go through the details, shall we?


SEO now in stores

The SEO panel inside the seller dashboard

Good news! Our stores now have integrated SEO for our sellers. Previously, only the store had SEO. So, now our sellers are no more dependent only on the store's SEO capacity. Now sellers can easily set up their store SEO and get more hits than ever before. It also nicely integrates with WordPress SEO and All In One SEO plugin when active.

An Updated Flat Product Upload/Edit page

The giant fully featured product flat edit page.
The giant fully featured product flat edit page.

Do you find running between tabs and taking it step by step too slow for your needs? Well, we have created a flat style product upload/edit page where you can have all the features all at once. So, this means if you are a regular uploader and have already become an expert on the features; you can take the entire load at once. This might speed up the upload process for some power sellers. But you can revert back to the old tabbed style anytime you want.

Shipping Calculator

Shipping Cost in each product page
All the necessary fields you need for pre-shipping calculation in one place.

Yes! Now sellers can see what the shipping will cost before even checking out. We have integrated the shipping calculator in the product page. So, now your customers can get the shipping rates and total cost of the item before even going to the checkout page.

Terms and Conditions Page

input_terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions form; appears at your sellers store page.

Your sellers can now have their own terms and conditions page. We know that stores vary and so do the products and the business policy of individual sellers may be different. Through this page, any seller can declare their terms and conditions publicly so that any customers browsing their store are aware beforehand of the seller's policy and claims. It appears at the store site. This will prevent misunderstanding between your sellers and customers and increase their trust.

Apart from these additions, we have fixed several issues and tweaked some forms and page styling for a smoother experience.

Get the Dokan 2.3 today!

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Stay with us and stay updated! We are always working towards a better and improved Dokan. If you have any suggestions or feature request, please contact your support forum and our team of dedicated experts will see it through.


  • nvoi


    sounds like a promising update!

  • Geva


    So, is this plugin can integrate with WP User Frontend? Thank you

  • Sekander Badsha

    Sekander Badsha

    Hello Geva,
    Dokan has built-in frontend feature; so you won’t need WP User Frontend with it.
    If you have more question, you can use our contact form.

  • Aaron Radford

    Aaron Radford

    Hey does the new Dokan support woocommerce bookings or any other booking systems ?

  • Ranan Rahim

    Ranan Rahim

    Dear Aaron Radford,
    Currently Dokan does’nt have any dedicated booking interface to be used from frontend. Though It does support but it only works from backend and has to be done by admin manually. If you want to use it, please contact our support team and they will guide you through. Thank you!

  • kujtim bajrami

    kujtim bajrami

    I have already bought 199 $ Dokan platform and I am not satisfied with it, I think that is one of the worst platforms exist, I hope that none of you not to do this mistake as mine
    thank you

    • Ranan Rahim

      Ranan Rahim

      Hello Kujtim,
      We will try to solve your issue in 24 hours at any cost. Please open a support ticket today and tell us what and where you could not use our product to meet your needs. We take care to guide our clients to build what they want. A lot of things have been improved since v2.3.

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