SMS Verification Plugin for WordPress

Today i am going to introduce our another upcoming plugin for WordPress named “SMS Verification” .

Some features are –


Front-End Features:


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  • Users have to verify their mobile numbers and get verified status during registration to see specific item/area/word
  • Verified users can see any restricted area/item/word after logged in
  • Visitors/unregistered users can’t see the restricted item/area/word
  • Visitors/unregistered/unverified users will see “verify to see” message in Text or Image
  • When they click on “Verify to see” text a popup will comes up and they have to enter their country code + phone number then click on send.
  • They will get an sms code and once they enter it, page reload and they can see that restricted area/item/word


Admin Features:


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  • Admin can select SMS provider ( only 1 provider works at a time)
  • Admin can make users verified manually (if user fail to verify themselves through SMS)
  • Admin can make area/word/item restricted just using short codes like –
[sms] restricted sentence or word [sms]

Or, with php codes –

<?php if( sms_verified() ) {
//verified content
} else {
//show form
} ?>



SMS Providers:


Currently we are considering Two Popular Globally SMS Provider.

  • SMS Global
  • Clickatell


Plugin Current Status and release date:


We are at the final stage . Hoping to release this SMS Verification plugin for WordPress end of July or beginning of August.

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Thank you


  • sawontheboss4


    Bangladesher user der jonno kaj korbe?

    • Tareq


      Yep, it’ll work. We are finalizing the release and docs, will be available by today 🙂

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  • boudgeau


    hello, dear i’m interested to buy , when and from where can i get , urgent please..

  • boudgeau


    actually i’ve just saw in your plugin are, but as you guys wrote in code canyon it isn’t a part of the registration process , it only maintain restriction the content..does it require the user to enter his mobile number and verify it till the process continue ?

    • Mahi


      3 more features are coming to the “WP SMS Verification” plugin:

      — Throttle control: This prevents simultaneous code request from a user for a configurable time (minutes or hours)

      — On comment form: If enabled, users will be needed to verify themselves before submitting a comment on a post

      — On Registration: If enabled, users will be asked to provide phone numbers on registration form. A verification code will be sent to the number upon successful registration. Then while logging in, users will be asked to provide the verification code. If user fails to provide the correct code, he/she will not be able to login to the site. Great option for preventing spammers 🙂

      And, As existing customers you will be able to download it free from codecanyon .

      Thank you.

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  • Michael Avery

    Michael Avery

    I am with SMS Global, really would like this plugin, please keep me informed of your progress.

  • waheed


    brother price of plugn?

  • Prasanth


    Any update on the pricing ?

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