Start Your Own Amazon or eBay in 30 Minutes

Online shopping is now a big thing. Though Amazon and eBay are the largest market of them all, there are hundreds of other newer markets sprouting every year each with their innovation in service. If you want your market like them, this is the best time to start one.

In this article, I will show you how you can create a market exactly like eBay or even better with a count down to 30 minutes using Dokan Multivendor plugin.

What is Dokan?

Dokan is a similar platform to these. It is the only solution that gives you your own market with so much feature, flexibility and control – allowing you to do business in a large scale. You just sit at the driving chair of a train where you only need to maintain what you started and put no extra effort at every move at all.

Why we preferred using WordPress for this massive task

How Dokan Works –

Dokan can work inside your WordPress site powered by WooCommerce. WooCommerce is one of the most reputed ecommerce provider and themes maker. Dokan can have unlimited vendors and unlimited products with an escrow payment method.

Learn more about Dokan and its features

Before we start, lets learn a little how Amazon or eBay works –

Amazon or eBay are self hosted services. They allow vendors to open a store in exchange of a subscription fee and you have to play by their rules. They will control your earning rates, product reviews and everything else.

So, you see how Dokan is better by making you the owner and allowing you to make your market unique.

Learn 8 important factors that will rocket launch your upcoming marketplace

Let's Begin!

To make this a fair ground, I am hoping you already have a hosting ready where you will install. So we are starting from there

Minute 0 – 5 : Installing WP


There are many ways to install WordPress in to your site.  The easiest of them are either using your site's built in installer feature, cPanel or Ftp server. Here is my installation where I used cPanel to create a database for Dokan named dokan and installed WP freshly for the plugin. Well there is nothing much to look at it here.


You can also follow this article for a more detailed description of the famous 5 minute install.

When you are done installing, WordPress will welcome you to their Dashboard.


Minute 6 : Installing WooCommerce

The next and first thing is WooCommerce. Dokan is based on WooCommerce so you should ensure that WC installed correctly. To install this plugin simply head to the Plugins > Add New from your Dashboard.

add new plugin

Now search for the WooCommerce plugin and install. Make sure you activate the plugin as well.


Minute 7 : Dokan Plugin

Now you have to head to the plugins > add new page again. but this time you have to Upload the zip file of the Dokan plugin you got from weDevs. It should take only a minute. The plugin will be installed and if it does not activate automatically, please activate it from the wp-admin > plugins > installed plugins by pressing the activate button on the plugin.


Minute 8 : Dokan Theme

Dokan is incomplete with out the Dokan theme. It is FREE and fantastic. Go to Wp-admin > Appearances > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and select the zip file for the Dokan theme which you received with the plugin. Please make sure that you activate the theme.


Minute 10 : Setting up Selling

So, now you are ready to use Dokan. To start the business, we should head directly to the selling configurations and get some basic things in check. Let's go to wp-admin > dokan > settings and check the General and Selling Options tab.setgen selset

From these two tabs, you will be quickly able to enable selling for vendors, set a global commission rate, enable terms and some other very basic settings which are essential to begin selling.

Minute 13 : Sip Coffee

You are speeding like a rabbit for the last 13 minutes and you are almost done! So, grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to refresh. Take a break!


Minute 17 : Setting up Payments and Shipping

Dokan has its own shipping functionality. To configure that please go to wp-admin > WooCommerce > Setting > Shipping > Dokan shipping and enable or disable it.


But if you want to use the shipping from WooCommerce that is also possible, just disable the Dokan shipping and enable + configure the WooCommerce shipping.

We advice that you keep the WooCommerce shipping and billing configured no matter you use it or not. The most popular shipping methods are flat rate and local pickup. Most shipping settings are already configured for the best results so that you can use it just by enabling it and skip configuration.

For configuring payments, go to wp-admin > woocommerce > settings > checkout and choose the methods you prefer. The most common payment gateways are cash on delivery for Asian countries or PayPal for America and Europe.


To use Paypal you just need to enable it from the PayPal tab. No API required and all the default settings are optimized for use. If your WordPress email is different from your PayPal email, just put it in there. Otherwise, Dokan will automatically catch and use the email associated with your WordPress profile.


Minute 20 : Signing up Vendors

Learn how you can get the perfect vendors for you!

Vendors can very easily get signed up using the registration form. Once they signup, you can enable to take them directly to selling or keep them pending for your inspection.

If you want to make detailed modifications to your vendors, you can use wp-admin > users and edit the vendor you want. You can even mark a vendor featured in the future from here.


Minute 23 : Approving Products

Help your vendors make more sales with better product images

So, say the vendor you just approved uploaded a product. Now you need to review that product and publish it. To do that go to wp-admin > woocommerce > products and click on Quick Edit, you can also click on Edit to make further changes with a complete set of attributes.


After entering the quick edit or the full editing panel, once you are done, change the status of the product from pending to published. The product should appear on the market right on. In this screenshot, I am showing you how it is done in the quick editor, it is the fastest way to publish multiple products. Save when done.


Minute 30 : Ready to accept Withdraw Requests

You are now ready to even pay your vendors. Say, the minimum cash out balance for your marketplace is 50$ (you can set the limit from Dokan > settings > withdraw options) and a vendor just made a sale that meets that limit, you can now pay him.

To get that payment the vendor needs to place a request from his seller dashboard. You will receive that request at wp-admin > dokan > withdraw and click on Approve. The vendor will get his payment through PayPal or the default selected gateway.
Withdraw Requests
Well, that's all about that! Dokan has been setup under 30 minutes and you have even paid your vendor and earned a commission. Why delay?

Get yourself your market TODAY!

Give it a Test Drive

You can log in to our demo site anytime and build your own live version of Dokan plugin.

You can try Dokan for free

We have a free version of Dokan called Dokan Lite. Get it now!

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