How to Get More Vendors on Your Marketplace

On Multivendor markets, more vendors mean more earning for everyone. You have more products your market – thus more people visit and more sales will happen.

But how do you get more vendors, or even the first few vendors if you have just launched your market? We are here to give you some useful tips on that.


The branding of your market can be through many sides. It maybe fast delivery, or 24/7 hotline etc. Or it can be even the design of your market that is unique. You can do a quick survey on the web on popular markets and find out what is in trend. Customers and vendors both rush towards great customer support, so if you can get that right, it will be the most valuable brand value you may ever have.


E-mail marketing can be very effective way to inform and communicate with people if you can personalize it. But if you send generalized mail from a template for everyone, you are more likely to get black listed as spam and fraud. Be casual and friendly and don't make it too long either, you want follow ups. Show something that gets them thinking.

A big opportunity is to hunt for businessmen or shop owners who already have a physical shop but has not gone online. They have a running business which ensures ready sale on your side – while their sales will also boom if they start selling online besides their conventional method.

What to include in your mail

Since it is a personalized mail, you can offer benefits to the vendor which you usually want to keep for a narrow margin of vendors. For example, you can use the following topics to expand in your mail, but do not use too many. You can come up with ideas of your own too!

  1. The commission rate you are prepared to offer.
  2. Special discount on joining.
  3. Exclusive subscription packs.
  4. A video or screenshots to show how your market looks like.
  5. Special features of your market.
  6. Success of any existing vendor.

Tell a Friend

Who more will trust you than someone who know you for a long time. You might have a friend who is already doing business or planning to do so in a recent future. Or, help a friend who is not doing very well. So, explain your market and its benefits to them and you might have your next best vendor right there.

Even if they do not join, they can surely spread the word. A good thing about multi-vendor markets is that it offers even small vendors on a large platform and allows them to make a sale with the minimum risk.

Do Some Advertising

If you can afford, you can design some banners and advertise on blog or social sites which share news on business. People who are planning to open a store usually start reading how it is done before they even take the first step. If your offer is attractive enough, they will surely turn to you and try to learn more.

Marketing for your market; Smartly!

Since now you have everyone invited to your market, how will they find out about you, your market and it's current success? It would be smart to create a landing site where interested vendors can login, experience a demo, and learn more about the policies and get interested. You can also use that platform to respond to their queries.

You can create such a landing site very quickly using WordPress, at the same site where your Dokan Multivendor plugin is hosted. Isn't that cool?

Use this site to –

  1. Describe market terms.
  2. Show an interactive Demo.
  3. Profit statistics.
  4. Answer common queries.
  5. Provide marketing materials and useful information.
  6. Post business tips from time to time.

Well, that's more or less what I had in mind. If you have more exciting and better ideas, please share them with me! It will be good to learn something new.

Ranan Rahim
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Ranan Rahim

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