7 Best WooCommerce POS Plugins for 2024

Running a WooCommerce store is fantastic, but managing both online orders and in-person sales can feel chaotic. What if you can manage your store where your inventory and customer data flow seamlessly between your web store and physical location?

That's the magic of a WooCommerce POS plugin!

It will automate your store management system by taking orders, processing transactions, updating inventory, and maintaining analytics.

So, if you are planning to use a WooCommerce POS plugin for your business, we will guide you on how to do it correctly. In this blog post, we will show you the 7 best POS plugins for WooCommerce sites and decide which plugin would be the most suited solution as per your requirements.

So, let's get started!

What is a WooCommerce Point of Sale Plugin?

A WooCommerce point of sale (POS) plugin is the tech whiz behind the scenes at that cash register you see at stores. It's like a digital toolbox that helps businesses process in-person purchases smoothly and efficiently.

Here's how it works:

  • Imagine a customer walks into a store with a basket full of goodies. The cashier uses the POS software to scan the items, which automatically calculates the total price.
  • The software also connects to a database, so it keeps track of the store's inventory. Every time an item is sold, the inventory level gets updated in real-time. This helps prevent stock-outs and ensures the store always has what customers want.
  • Most POS software also allows customers to pay using different methods like cash, credit cards, or digital wallets. The software securely processes the payment and keeps a record of the transaction.

A WooCommerce POS plugin brings this functionality to your online store. It essentially transforms your device (tablet, computer, etc.) into a POS system that seamlessly connects with your WooCommerce store. Pretty cool, right?

Why You Should Use a WooCommerce POS for Your Business

This is the feature image of the blog - Best WooCommerce POS Plugins

Running an online store is a dream come true, but what if you could take your business a step further? Using a perfect WooCommerce POS system, you can take your business to a whole new level.


Well, let's discuss that!

I) Bridge the Online-Offline Gap

Eliminate the chaos of juggling separate systems for online and in-person sales. A POS plugin seamlessly connects to your WooCommerce store, so your inventory and customer data flow effortlessly between your web store and physical location.

II) Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Ditch the messy spreadsheets and manual calculations. A POS plugin lets you scan product barcodes, ring up customers, and accept payments electronically – all in one place.

III) Easy Inventory Management System

Stop worrying about stock discrepancies. A POS plugin keeps your inventory levels updated in real-time, no matter where you're selling. This ensures you never run out of stock and keeps your customers happy.

IV) Happy Customers, Repeat Customers

Offer a smooth and efficient in-person shopping experience. With features like customer information access, you can personalize interactions, build loyalty programs, and leave a lasting impression.

V) Gain Valuable Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your customer base. POS systems often provide sales reports, helping you identify trends and make data-driven decisions to boost your online business.

A WooCommerce POS plugin is the ultimate bridge between your online store and the real world. It streamlines operations, saves you time, and empowers you to provide exceptional customer service, propelling your online business towards even greater success!

A Checklist to Choose the Best WooCommerce Plugin for Your Business

Here we are going to show you a checklist to choose the best WooCommerce POS plugin for your business.

This is an infographic that shows a checklist to choose the best WooCommerce POS plugin

7 Best WooCommerce POS Plugins for 2024

So, here we are! Now we will share the list of the 7 best WooCommerce POS plugins for you. Take a quick look at the list. Then we will jump into the details!

  1. wePOS
  2. Hike POS
  3. WooCommerce POS
  4. YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce (POS)
  5. Square
  6. Lightspeed POS Integration
  7. Oliver POS

Note: We'll share a comparison table of these top WooCommerce POS plugins at the end of this list. Don't forget to check the comparison table to get all the key points in one place!

1. wePOS

This is a screenshot of the wePOS plugin in the WordPress repository

wePOS is a fast promising WooCommerce Point of Sales plugin. If you have a WooCommerce store it needs only a few clicks to integrate a smart solution with wePOS. It simplifies the process of tracking inventory and managing orders effectively.

With this smarter Point of Sale system, you can trigger all the POS functionality on your WooCommerce shop in an optimized way. It's a single-page application that can process all the orders and transactions super fast. Therefore, you will get a boost to your business growth and customer experience.

Furthermore, you will get a user-friendly and attractive interface that is easy to operate. With wePOS you can organize your eShop appropriately and find an efficient approach to counting inventory. It also lets your sales executive read the QR codes and process the orders with ease.

Key Features of wePOS Plugin

  • Specially designed for WooCommerce
  • Advanced UI design
  • Custom barcode support
  • Able to handle multiple orders at a time
  • Super responsive and compatible with all sized devices
  • Easily integrate with your online store

Cons of wePOS

  • Currently, it does not work offline
  • The free version is limited to cash payments only

Price: wePOS is a freemium tool. You can use the free version from the WordPress repository. And the premium packages start at $199 per year for 1 website.

2. Hike POS

This is the homepage of the Hike POS software

Hike POS is a renowned POS software to manage your business with intuitive interface and insightful reporting. It is a fully customized all-in-one software to run and grow your business widely.

With Hike, you can improve your sales, customer service, and inventory management system seamlessly. It elaborates your ability to manage all your sales channels and transactions accordingly. This advanced solution works smoothly on all devices like iPad, PC, and Mac.

Even though it’s a cloud service, it does work offline, making it more reliable than many of the other plugins in this list. Once you are connected again to the internet, all data is synced back to the cloud.

Key Features of Hike POS

  • Custom design for each register
  • Better sales reporting analytics
  • Barcode scanning
  • Compatible with other accounting, eCommerce, payments, and marketing apps
  • No limit for adding cash registers, users or even store locations
  • Works with or without WooCoomerce

Cons of Hike POS

  • No free version
  • May seem expensive for small businesses

Price: Hike POS is a premium tool. The price starts at $59 per month. There is a 14-days trial to try the software.

3. WooCommerce POS

WooCommerce POS is another popular point of sale plugin to manage your eCommerce business. It has more than 7,000 active installations as of now with 3.6 out of 5 user ratings.

This self-hosted system uses the same database as your store. Therefore you can own your data without monthly subscription fees. Also, your inventory will always in sync with all transactions. You can configure and use this WordPress plugin following a few easy steps or you can do it manually as well.

In addition, with the premium version of WooCommerce POS, you can explore more advanced features like payment gateways, customer relationship management, multiple report generator, and many more.

Highlights of WooCommerce POS

  • Available cross-platform via browser or desktop application (iOS and Android coming soon)
  • Offline storage for fast product search and order processing
  • Manage product stock levels and pricing quickly
  • Add new customers or checkout via Guest account
  • Translatable into your native language

Cons of WooCommerce POS

  • No support for multiple stores in free version
  • Limited payment gateway in free version

Price: You can use the free version without spending a penny. The pro version comes at $129 for a single site license including 1 year of support.

4. YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce (POS)

This image shows YITH POS software

YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce (POS) is a premium plugin that turns your WooCommerce website into a powerful and easy-to-use cash register.

Your cashiers can easily search for products or scan barcodes when checking out customers. They can even add new products when needed.

If you run both an online and physical store, then the product listings, orders, and customers from both stores will be kept in sync. And if you have many stores or a franchise, then there is no limit to the number of stores and registers the plugin can handle.

Key Features of YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce

  • Manage sales and inventory in real-time
  • Accept various payment methods
  • Create customer profiles and track purchase history
  • Manage multiple stores and registers (paid add-on)
  • Generate receipts and customize layouts
  • Integrates with other YITH plugins (e.g., YITH WooCommerce Barcodes)

Cons of YITH

  • Doesn't work offline
  • There is no free version

Price: 199.99 Euro per year.

5. Square

This is an image of the Square POS

Square Point of Sale is a cloud-based POS software that can be integrated into your WooCommerce store to enable retail POS functionality. It allows you to sync inventory and product data connectively between WooCommerce and Square POS. 

Square is a leading point of sale system that will help you to manage the inventory, direct all the transactions, generate reports and receipts, and so on. After installing this plugin in your WooCommerce store it will automatically update and synchronize all the changes in your inventory from Square to WooCommerce.

Key Features of Square

  • It's a free tool
  • Fast fund deposits
  • Track your sales and listings across all channels on a common platform
  • Flat fee per online transaction and per in-person transaction

Cons of Square

  • Does not work offline
  • Accepts credit card payments in only certain countries

Price: It's a free POS software. However, it will charge you based on transactions.

6. Lightspeed POS Integration

This image shows the Lightspeed POS software

Lightspeed POS Integration allows you to run the business with all functionalities connecting your WooCommerce store and Lightspeed Point of Sale account concurrently. It will keep the inventory in sync and conduct all the transactions smoothly.

With Lightspeed POS, you can manage inventory, service, data, staff, and customer relationships from a single interface.

Key Features of Lightspeed POS Integration

  • Manage all transactions from one platform
  • Communicate and sync the inventory when a new sale comes
  • Help to update the stock qualities in the WooCommerce interface
  • Manage inventory across multiple channels

Cons of Lightspeed POS Integration

  • Subscription fees can be expensive for small businesses
  • Initial setup and customization may require technical expertise

Price: It's a premium tool. Pricing starts at $89 per month for 1 website.

7. Oliver POS

This image shows the Oliver POS software

Oliver POS is one of the best WooCommerce POS plugins. It is designed to allow physical shops to easily sell products from their online inventory from a single system.

This makes it perfect for people who want to combine eCommerce shops with physical stores. You can easily sync inventory between your online store, retail store, and warehouse.

Oliver POS runs on any internet-enabled computer or device, and apps are available for iPads and Android tablets. You can also purchase hardware POS devices from the official website, including registers, tablet stands, barcode scanners, cash drawers, and printers.

Key Features of Oliver POS

  • Real-time inventory sync with WooCommerce store
  • Barcode scanning for faster transactions
  • Customer management & purchase history tracking
  • Integrates with various payment gateways

Cons of Oliver POS

  • Limited customization options
  • Does not work offline

Price: Oliver POS is a freemium WooCommerce POS system. You can download the free version from the WordPress repository. And if you want to use the premium version, the basic plan will cost you $49 per year for 1 website.

Best WooCommerce POS Plugins – Comaprison Table

Here's a comparison table of the best WooCommerce POS systems. Check this comparison table to get all the key points in one place.

FeaturewePOSYITH Point of Sale for WooCommerceSquareHike POSLightspeed POS IntegrationWooCommerce POSOliver POS
Real-time syncingYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Multiple device supportYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Inventory managementYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Customer managementYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Payment integrationMultiple optionsStripe, PayPalSquareMultiple optionsMultiple optionsLimited optionsMultiple options
Offline modeNoNoNoYesNoNoNo
Ease of useEasyHighHighHighMediumMediumEasy
PriceFree plan available, Premium plans start at $199/yearPremium plans start at 199.99 Euro per yearFree to use, transaction fees applyStarting at $59/monthStarting at $89 per monthFree plan available, Premium plans start at $129/yearFree plan available, Premium plans start at$49/year

Which One is the Best WooCommerce POS – Our Verdict

After reviewing all of the popular point-of-sale systems for WooCommerce, we believe that wePOS is the best POS plugin for small business owners.

However, this choice depends on your needs and budget, so we have a few additional recommendations.

If you need a WooCommerce POS integration that works both online and offline, then your best options will be the Hike POS software.

Some users prefer to get started with a free solution that’s easy to set up, and in that case, we recommend Square for WooCommerce. But be aware that with fees for each transaction, you may pay more in the long term.

Best WooCommerce POS Plugins – Ending Note

An automated Point of Sale system extends the capability of your business synchronizing all the data regarding customer management and purchase details. If you own a WooCommerce shop then get the best WooCommerce POS for your store to keep all the transactions transparent and manage the stock concurrently.

Now if you have any feedback related to this blog, you can share that with us. For example, if you want to recommend another WooCommerce POS system that we haven't featured in this list, you can share that with us using the comment box below. We would love to know your feedback!

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