What’s New With Dokan 2.0 Plugin

Good news for Dokan users! We have been working on for a massive update to our multi-vendor e-commerce plugin for WordPress — Dokan, and we are almost ready to release it. Introducing Dokan 2.0, a new version that brings an enormous number of much-requested features and bug fixes.

Among the new features and improvements that come with Dokan 2.0, the most important and notable new feature is wide array of shipping and tax options. We have had many users requesting us various features that are related to product shipping and tax. Those who are regular in the support forum know that we have been promising you new features for some time. Now we are ready to present to you the features that you all have been requesting.

And the beta testers already have access to it.

New Features:

  • [new] Store wide and per-product shipping option for individual sellers based on state.
  • [new] Tax option for individual sellers on each product.
  • [new] Shipping tax option.
  • [new] Variation stock management feature on frontend.
  • [new] Tax and shipping management for variation product.
  • [new] Email notification for adding a new product enable/disable.
  • [new] Flickr, Instagram in seller store social profile field.
  • [new] Multiple tags for products.
  • [new] Multiple category for products.
  • [new] Set cookie for page view.
  • [new] calculate_per_seller function is now public and can be accessed from any add-on.

That's not all! Dokan brings a number of bug fixes to ensure the maximum user experience with this plugin. The issues that have been addressed in version 2.0 are:

Latest Fixes:

  • [fix] Line break in seller name with product in chart page
  • [fix] Add seller review url filter (‘dokan_get_seller_review_url')
  • [fix] Fix some styling issue for button, position
  • [fix] Fixes the broken Store page sidebar for any WooCommerce compatible theme.
  • [fix] Admin seller listing pagination fixed
  • [fix] Use wp_title filter from dokan theme and correct store title
  • [fix] Product edit tab background white colour removed
  • [fix] Media popup close icon styling fixed
  • [fix] Regenerate map file
  • [fix] Update code structure by id prefixed with dokan and stuff
  • [fix] Transliteration fixes
  • [fix] Fix withdraw threshold query
  • [fix] Coupon delete problem fixed
  • [fix] Fix settings page undefined error
  • [fix] Change hook name ‘dokn_aditional_relation_filed’ to ‘dokan_reg_form_field’
  • [fix] Language file updated

We can't wait to see what you think about the new features that we have been working so hard on. If you have a question about a new feature, feel free to browse the documentations. If you can't find an answer to your question, or if you face any issues with the new update, our support representatives are happy to answer any question you have.

Please make sure that you have entered your license key to Dokan plugin. License key is requires to receive automatic update to our plugins. Contact support if you have questions.

Let's have a look on some screenshot

Helpful Docs:

  1. Migrating from Per Product Shipping to the Dokan 2.0 Shipping
  2. Enable shipping options
  3. How to configure and use Dokan Shipping
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