Advanced Search Widget – a WordPress Plugin you searched everywhere finally here

People always complain about WordPress Search option. By Default yes, its really dull ! Till now so many people come up with so many different WordPress Search Plugins or i should say Advanced Search Plugin, but none of them never meet all clients requirements.

Here we are introducing our new WordPress Search Plugin named – “Advanced Search Widget” . Yes ! It is a Plugin and it works through widget area and it’s definitely the plugin you are looking for. It does not only provide a bunch of advanced search options to tune the search, but it also uses a much more effective search method.


Key features


  • Search results sorted in the order of relevance,
  • Match partial words, if complete words don't match,
  • Find documents matching either just one search term (OR query) or require all words to appear (AND query),
  • Dynamic Search Form Builder with few click and Drag-Drop,
  • Create custom fields with so many logic options – Like,Equal, Not Equal, Greater Than, Less Than, Less than or Equal, In, Not In , Greater than or Equal etc ,
  • Assign Data Types accepted ,
  • Search in Custom Taxonomy or Post Type Drop-down Field ,
  • Instant From Preview

More features


  • Admin can Setup Widget Background Color ,
  • Field Width and Search Button Text,
  • Easy styling via dedicated CSS files

But,  it’s not really about features, it’s about what you get from using this plugin :

  • Better results for your users, which means happy users.
  • Better control over search results for you.
  • Better experience for both you and your users.

Price and More


Unfortunately this plugin is not free like our others great free plugins . It will cost you $19 AUD , but Hey wait see what you will get more –

  • Guaranteed support. You will get supports from our Own Stuffs and can get from our Community members as well !
  • Additional features. Advanced Search Widget plugin is developed actively and new features are added. All Paid Users will get the new features free of any additional cost EVER !
  • Future development. More users for Advanced Search Widget plugin means We can spend more time developing the plugin.
  • If you got any additional request for this plugin please post on our Support Forum . We DONOT provide supports via Email. It helps other customers to solve same issue (if any comes up)


ScreenShots and Demo

Taxonomy Field
Taxonomy Field
Search Form Over view
Search Form Over view


You can check Our Demo Site – DEMO HERE ( will open in new window/tab)

Any Comments / Suggestions are most welcome 🙂


Thank you

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