WP SMS Verification – More Features and Gateways

We have a good news for you today. Our development team start working on next version for WP SMS Verification plugin which will be V1.1

More Features:

We decided to add more features and we pickup feature lists from our customers and others review and requests regarding this plugin.

3 major features are coming to the “WP SMS Verification” plugin are:

— Throttle control: This prevents simultaneous code request from a user for a configurable time (minutes or hours)

— On comment form: If enabled, users will be needed to verify themselves before submitting a comment on a post

— On Registration: If enabled, users will be asked to provide phone numbers on registration form. A verification code will be sent to the number upon successful registration. Then while logging in, users will be asked to provide the verification code. If user fails to provide the correct code, he/she will not be able to login to the site. Great option for preventing spammers 🙂


More default SMS Providers:

Yes ! we are going to add two more providers by default . Currently SMSGlobal and Clickatell are there for you. In version 1.1 we are going to add –

– Nexmo ( http://nexmo.com/ )

– Twilio ( http://www.twilio.com/ )

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