WP User Frontend: Why Should you Switch to PRO?

WP User Frontend PRO is one of the best selling form builder and post submission WordPress plugin out there, and its specialty is that it is completely frontend, a one of a kind feature for such type. WP User Frontend can be utilized for a number of other tasks as well – such as user registration, contest submission, guest posting etc.

There is a free version of this same plugin without the PRO suffix, it can be found on the WP repository and used just like the PRO version. But there are some limits. To keep it free, we had to take away some awesome features from it.

WP User Frontend: Why Should you Switch to PRO?
WP User Frontend: Why Should you Switch to PRO?

WP User Frontend Free is still awesome, but there are situations where you would feel that I wish I had the pro version. I have summed up the most important of those features that would really affect your productivity if you had switched to pro, or if you are thinking of switching already, this article will help you decide better.

Benefits of User FrontEnd Pro Over

Let's check out some facilities that you might get using WP User Frontend as the best WordPress frontend editor:-

Profile & Registration Forms

WPUF Pro has a ready module to insert registration forms into posts and use the data from the registration to automatically create an user profile. This kinds of registration to profile convertible forms are needed everywhere.

User Registration Form
User Registration Form

From forums to company sites, from online job applications to competitions and even customer support. A form that can register and use the same data to create a customized user profile on a site is fantastic. In the free version, this feature is disabled.

Multi-step Forms

This feature can convert any form to be divided in to several pages or “steps“. This simple feature helps the user to fill out longer form with practical ease and lesser confusion. Forms can also be divided into separate steps based on the type of the fields.

Multistep Form
Multistep Form

Usually when creating longer forms where the user has to interact with many fields and work out a long list of information breaking it down into smaller chunks can help a lot. WPUF free can not give you this feature, you will have to switch to pro for this.

Guest Posting

Many online media hubs offer bloggers or content creators to post their content on their site but charge the authors. This is quite a booming business out on the web. As entertainment is moving more and more online and online marketing is becoming more and more reachable and budget friendly, many people now promote their products, services online on popular hubs and they also attract a huge number of readers.

With WPUF PRO you can create subscription packages with a limited number of posts or post types or you can even charge per post. Because WordPress is already a very reputed CMS platform, why not switch to WPUF PRO and not miss out on these opportunities! User Frontend PRO supports PayPal, Stripe, and other popular payment gateways.

Read more about how to setup a complete guest posting form for yourself.

Subscription Packs

WPUF PRO admins can create totally customized subscription packs so that the users can buy one of them and post content. Say, you run a blog site with a hefty traffic and want thought that you should open a premium section where only select members will have access.

wpuf creating subscription pack
wpuf creating subscription pack

Or, you just want to earn from people posting on your site. It is simple, creates a subscription pack, give post limits to it, set a validity for that pack, and you are done.

Login Forms

With WPUF PRO, you can bring the user login to frontend, give it the look you want. If you are running a professional site, you would really not want your site's users to see the default wp-login interface while logging into your personalized site. It's bad impression dude!

Custom Taxonomy

For added categorization of your posts, WPUF PRO allows you to create and add custom taxonomies. With this, you can create and attach specific taxonomies inside your forms/posts to categorize them better. WP default taxonimies are only for posts. But there can a whole lot of post types dissimilar to the defaults.

If any of your other plugins already have taxonomies other than the default WP taxonomies, WPUF catches them automatically, only in the PRO version. For example, if you have WooCommerce installed, it will automatically capture the taxonomies from it like the product, product type, etc.

Google Maps

This adds maps support to your post. Say, you need the user to add his/her location in the post. You can of course, take that as text. But using Google Maps does a smarter job because you can not only pin point the location, but also use the maps data to find routes and locate nearby places for your users or your service convenience.

google maps wpuf
google maps field

File Uploading

This feature is inseparable. Uploading a file is necessary for several types of tasks, such as image or video submission, article submission, authentication etc. All the files are uploaded from the frontend and stored with privacy for the admin at the backend. To use it, you need to switch to pro.

Country List

WPUF can automatically generate a full drop down country list on your post. You just need to add it to your form by clicking it from the right panel of your form builder. Country lists are very useful when your users are from different countries and you need to know where they are coming from.

Also, adding country data to a user profile will also enable you to work with them in a localized perspective and it will become easier to group them together. This feature is only available in the PRO version.

Conditional Logic

This is actually quite fun. Conditional logic will enable you to create forms that respond to user input with predefined situational forms.

Conditional Logic in action
Conditional Logic in action

Say, you are asking your users, “Do you own a car?” Yes, No. If they say “no”, you can set a condition to show two other options such as “Do you own a different type of vehicle?” or “No, I do not own any sort of vehicle” to it. You can combine as many as conditional logic to any field and activate them on forms.

Here is the guide that you might love to go through about conditional logic

Drag and Drop

When building forms using the pro version of WPUF, you can drag and drop to rearrange the fields of the form. We are currently working on to make the right panel of the form builder to be similarly interactive in upcoming releases. In the free, you can only add one after one and remove a field if you need to rearrange.

Action Hooks

You can insert action hooks in forms with WPUF PRO to bring any kind of functions to your post. Action hooks can become extremely useful if you are building a very customized and a complex form and need fields to be integrated from other plugins. It also adds parameters like form_id, post_id, form_settings.

Learn more about using action hooks on this doc.

What To Do?

If you are using the free version of WP User Frontend, you already know what we are talking about and nodding your head. So, why not upgrade when it is so obviously in front of you?

With the PRO version, you will also get 1 year of updates, and this upcoming year 2021, we are planning to add some effective and exceptional features with WP User Frontend. So without further ado, grab WP User Frontend now!👇

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