Recurring Task

Recurring Task module will help you automatically create tasks regularly on your expected point of time.  This is a pro feature and so you will have to use the business version of the plugin.


To activate the Recurring Task module go to WP Admin Dashboard → Project Manager → Modules → Activate the Recurring Task using the toggle button.


To access the Recurring Task functionality, go to Project Manager → Projects → Select any project you wish to view → Navigate to the “Add new task” section. Once you do that, you will see the following icon.

Setting up a Recurring Task

Suppose, you want to automatically create a task on sending a newsletter every Monday. To do so, you need to create a task and click on the “recurrence or loop” icon to configure the recurrence of the task at a preferred point of time (here, in this case, Monday).

If you click on the recurrence icon, you will find the following 4 options (Weekly, Monthly and Annually) to set up the frequency of the creation of your task.

However, clicking on one of the items from the drop-down menu will bring you more options. They are the followings:

Repeat: With this field, you can specify the repetition of the task on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Repeat Every: This field will allow you to specify the repetition cycle according to the specified units – like weekly, monthly or annual basis.

By default, all the weekdays are active, you can also deselect and keep only the days you want.

Expires: Define the point of time when this repetition process will end.

Duration: Set the period within which a child task must be finished.

After specifying these options hit the ‘Done‘ icon to create the recurring task.

Finally, you will be able to view the recurring task icon beside the task you created just now.

This freshly created parent task will be creating child tasks on a regular interval (In this example, every week) right underneath it. With that said, the child tasks will not have the recurring icon beside it.

That's all about this module.


  • You can not generate recurring tasks from a child task, ie, only can you generate recurrent tasks from the parent tasks.
  • If you have assigned users to the parent task that will be copied to the child tasks.
  • The child task will not inherit the subtasks and deadline from the parent task.
  • If you make any change to the parent task, this will not result in any change to the existing child tasks but will bring changes to the newly recurred child tasks.