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Time Tracker

Time Tracking is a much-needed feature for someone who is a part of a project management team. With the Time Tracker module of WP Project Manager module, it's super easy to track time. This module is available in the Professional and Business packages of WP Project Manager.


Activating the Time Tracker add-on for WP Project Manager plugin is a matter of a few clicks. All you need to do is navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Project Manager → Modules. Next, Activate the “Time Tracker” module by clicking on the toggle button as denoted by the red arrow:

Configuring Time Tracker

The Time Tracker module lets you track how much time you spend on each task inside of a Task Lists Tab. To start tracking time on your Projects, follow this:

Start Time Tracking

  • To start tracking time of a task, go to the Projects menu and click the relevant project.
  • Click on the Task Lists tab.
  • Here you can see a little clock icon next to each to-do list items/tasks. You can click the clock icon to reveal the Start button.
  • Click the Start button to start tracking time for that task.

You will see the clock start tracking your time.

Pause the Tracker

If you want to pause the tracker, simply click Stop button. You can click Start again to start tracking time for that task.

Stop the Tracker

Simply click the Stop button while the time tracker is active to stop the Time Tracker from tracking time.

When you complete the task, the total time tracked for that task will be visible inside of that To-Do item.

Add Manual Time

You can add manual time to Time Tracker. Follow the steps below to add manual time to your tasks.

  • Go to Projects and select the relevant project.
  • Click the Task Lists tab.
  • Click on the Task Lists item where you want to add time to.
  • After that, a new window will pop up. Click the Add Time Log button from that window.

Now you'll see a Start Time and End Time field. Click on that field and you'll be able to set start date and time and end date and time.

When you're done adding Start Time and End Time, click the Add Entry button to add the manual time to the task.

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