Setup Custom Registration Page

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WordPress comes with a default registration page, which usually you cannot override. But you can do that using WPUF. WP User Frontend allows you to create a custom registration page. Setting up custom registration page with WPUF is easy. There are few necessary steps for that. Please follow the steps below:

Navigation & Configuration

  1. WPUF comes with a list of pages. You will find them by navigating WPUF > Tools. From there you can install the pages. Here is the screenshot: 
  2. Next, you have to create the registration page through which you want your users to register in your site. WP User Frontend provides excellent form fields so that you can build registration forms from scratch. Also, you are allowed to use an already created form. 
  3. If you create a registration form from scratch, you can be using these form fields. 
  4. After creating the form, you have to save the form and copy the form's shortcode and paste it into a page. Then you have to select this page to override the default registration form. For that, you have to navigate through WPUF > Settings > Login/Registration. Enable this checkbox as shown below:  
  5. Next, select the registration page which you have created. 

There you go. Your custom registration page is created and is been overridden by the default registration page.