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Zapier is one of the most popular productivity solutions that connect a host of web apps so you can simultaneously manage multiple tasks in an automated and productive way. With Zapier module for WPUF, easily subscriber a contact to Zapier when a form is submitted through User Frontend.

Integrate your WPUF form entries with Zapier apps, grow more leads & contacts, and get more opportunities for sales and marketing.

The WPUF-Zapier module is available in the Business Plan.

This documentation shows how to use WPUF Zapier integration.


To find this feature, simply navigate to wp-admin→User Frontend→Modules. From Modules, turn on the toggle button for Zapier.


1. After turning on the module for Zapier, go to User Frontend→Registration Forms. Select the form you want to integrate with Zapier or create a new form.

2. Then go to the Settings tab of your form. Click on the Zapier page.

3. Then check the box Enable Zapier. And enter the webhook URL.

4. To obtain the webhook URL, visit your Zapier Account. Click on Make a Zap. Copy the webhook, and paste the webhook in the form Zapier Webhook URL field.

Please have a look at this detailed video tutorial.

Here are the steps to acquire a Zapier webhook and Creating a Zap.

  1. First, you need to create a Workflow. Select Webhooks by Zapier, connect with Google Sheet. Then select Catch Hook, the action will be creating columns on Google SpreadSheet.See the below Screenshot to get a clear idea. Click on Try it to continue

create workflow

  1. 2.   Now, copy the Custom Webhook URL and paste it into the Registration form settings as we said earlier in the article.

custom webhook URL

           3. You need to test the trigger and see if the connection is successful.

test trigger

To do that, add dummy data to your registration form. Use incognito or a private window to add dummy data. After successful submission, you will see the data on the Zapier workflow.

trigger successful

          4. After your test is successful, you need to choose the App event. You need to choose Google Sheets.

Choose App Event

      5.  Select Google Sheets and as the action choose to Create SpreadSheet column.

choose app and event


To create the SpreadSheet, you need to choose the Google Account associated with Zapier.

choose google account

        6. Now, setup action. Choose Google Drive, select the SpreadSheet you want to store data and the worksheet like the below screenshot.

Choose action

Also, choose the info,

choose info

Then Zapier  will test the connection with the SpreadSheet, 

test Connection

If the test is successful you will get a message like this, 

Successful connection

If you see your Google Sheet you will find the data there as well.

sheet data

Lastly, your Zap will be ready.

zap is ready

View after integration

As shown below, when the user submits an entry, his email is integrated into the specific app whose webhook has been used. In this case, it is Google Sheets.

It will appear in the spreadsheet as well.