User Activity

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This Pro module allows admins to view registered user activity from the front end. The module adds a new tab to the user's profile. When a user creates or edits a post, this update appears under the Activity tab.

User activity is available in WPUF Business Plans.

This guide shows how to install and use WPUF-User Activity module.


To find this feature, simply navigate to wp-admin→User Frontend→Modules. From Modules, turn on the toggle button for User Activity.


Note: To use the User Activity module, you need to first activate the User Directory module.

Frontend View

Registered users will be able to view user listings from your site.

User Activity

Now when a user visits a registered user's profile, they will get 2 tabs, About and Activity.

User Activity

Under Activity you will be able to see the chronological list of events that have been performed by the user.

Mainly, you will be able to see:

  • when a user published a post
  • when the user edited it
  • the name of that post
  • the date when the activity took place

This is how it will look from the frontend:

User Activity

Walk-through of the module