How to Create a Multistep Registration Form

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Using WP User Frontend Pro, you can easily create multistep registrations. This documentation will show you how to create and publish one.

Create A New Registration Form

Navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → User Frontend → Registration Forms → Add Form.

Adding a form

A new form will be created. Now, rename your registration form.

Creating a form

Add Step Start – Multistep Form Field

To make a multistep registration form, you must use the Step Start Form Field. Click on the Step Start field, or drag and drop on the form builder.

Adding field options

You can customize the step start if you want. There are options for changing the section name, previous, and next button text.

Step field

In this step, add the fields you want for the first step. Here, we have added a username, email, and password. You can also add more step starts for the number of steps you want in your registration form.

Form field

Enabling Multistep for Your Registration Form

Click on the Settings tab in your Form Editor. You will notice an option: Enable Multistep. Click on the checkbox. It will enable multistep functionalities for your form on the front end.

Enabling Multistep

After enabling multistep, you will get some more settings.

You can configure the multistep progress bar type to either step-by-step or percentage.

You can also change the text color, background color and more.

After configuring everything hit the Save Form button.

Enabling Multistep

Adding the Multistep Registration Form to a Page or Post

Now, copy the shortcode of your newly created registration form and paste it into a page or post.

Adding the Multistep Registration

This is how the multistep form will look on the front end. Here, we have chosen the percentage progress type.

percentage progress

You can navigate through the multistep form using the Next and Previous buttons.

multistep form using the Next and Previous buttons

After a successful submission, you get a message like this.

Final message