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Setup Confirmation Message

Setting up confirmation message for registration and profile is very easy in WP User Frontend. At first, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard  User Frontend Registration Forms → Edit Your Selected Form → Settings.

On the left side, you will get three menu items – General, Registration and Profile Update.


It consists of three general settings. They are discussed below in brief:

Enable Email Verification:

If you would like to launch Email verification for your users then turn it on. If you don't do so, then no Email verification will be sent to the user.

New User Role:

Set the user role for the E-mail verification process. For example, if you set up the user role as a subscriber then the subscriber will get an E-mail verification.

Enable multistep:

If you enable this feature, then the form will be displayed in front-end in multiple steps. If you check the box for Enable Multistep then the following options will appear immediately:

Multistep Progress Bar Type:

With this option, you can customize the front-end appearance of the Multistep Progress Bar. From the drop-down items, you can set the multi-step progress bar either to Step by Step or to Progress Bar.

Active Text Color:

With this option, you will be able to set the text color for the active step or the step on which the user is currently working in. All you need to do is pick a color from the color picker.

Active Background Color:

Set the Background color for the active step of the progress bar.

Background Color:

This option is applicable for the steps that are inactive. With this option, you will be able to set the background color for the inactive steps.


Registration is when your visitors or website attendees enroll to your website. There are three more options for registration:

Redirect To:

You can set the process of message text redirection when your visitors submit a form. There are three options available for the redirection of message text redirection:

Same Page:

When you set the Same Page, the Registration success message will be shown on the same page.

To a Page:

When you select To a page then you have to specify a page from a dropdown list. Here is a screenshot:

To a custom URL:

If you choose this option then you have to provide the Custom URL of the page that you want to show from your website.

Submit Button Text:

With this option, you can even customize the appearance of the button text. By default, the text is set to Register but you can customize it to whatever text you want to.

Profile Update:

After upgrading profile, you can help your users get an update profile message. This includes:

Redirect To:

An update profile message needs redirection. Meaning that the message text is rendered through any of the following three methods:

Same Page:

After submission of profile update, the profile update message text will be redirected from the same page.

To a Page:

This option is useful if you wish to render the message text redirecting from a specified page from your website.

To a custom URL:

This option is useful if you wish to render the message text redirecting from a specified page with a custom URL from your website. Just type in the URL of the page that you would like to show immediately after the submission.

Update Profile Message:

This is the text that your user will be able to see each time he/she updates his/her profile.

Update Button Text:

Customize the button text with this option. By default, the button text is set to Update Profile. But you can set the text whatever you want to.

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