Leverage the Power of Bing Ads with More Precise Targeting & Retargeting

Track your WooCommerce store conversions and make the ad campaigns more effective through your Microsoft Advertising platform.

Easily Connect WooCommerce Store with Bing Ads

Copy the UET Tag ID from your Bing Ads account, paste it in your WooCommerce Conversion Tracking and start tracking conversions. No coding required!

Target Better by Sending Purchase Data to Microsoft Advertising

Satisfied customers are more likely to purchase again, right? So track purchases and give the records to Microsoft Ads for getting better ROI from search and display ads.

Always Track and Measure Your Campaign Performance

With UET Tag Helper extension, keep track of data being sent. This will help you to optimize your targeted campaigns for further improvement.

Retarget Better By Boosting Your WooCommerce Conversion Data Tracking