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Extended Datasets For Ad Platforms

Get information about who viewed your products, product category, added it to their wishlist or cart and much more

Better Curated Retargeting

Target to those with the highest chance of interaction using the most in-depth data analytics from your WooCommerce store.

Remarketing Platforms

Don’t just depend on Facebook, Twitter and so on for your retargeting needs. Use state of the art platforms like Perfect Audience.

Pro Feature List

Advanced Facebook Remarketing

Re-market to people who are more interested in your products by segmenting them using advance information. Also, get the ability to add multiple pixels to your site

Better Twitter

Using the pro version you can target even those who

  • Added a product from your store to their cart
  • Completed registration from your marketplace

Access To Perfect Audience Data Conversion

Start using Perfect Audience, one of the most popular mobile, web, social media retargeting ad platform out there. Target those who

More Specific Google AdWords Targeting

With the pro version you can even target those who created a profile on your site in Google’s own ecosystem.

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