WP Project Manager Gantt Chart

WP Project Manager Gantt Chart

Looking for managing projects in WordPress Gantt style? You can view all of your current tasks, start time, due tasks and pending tasks in one page with this module.

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  • Release Date: August 25, 2014
  • Requirements: WordPress 4.2+. WP Project Manager 1.1+
  • Suitable For: Managing task and to drag and drop style
  • Version: 1.3

WP Project Manager Gantt Chart is a feature having bar charts that illustrate a project schedule. It gives you a bird’s eye view of all the tasks of your project, what’s their schedule and progress.

Visual Overview

Gantt Chart will show you a visual overview of all of your current tasks, when they started, when they are due, and how much of that task has been completed. You can quickly take a look at your Gantt Chart and have an overview of your project’s current standing.


Gantt Chart doesn’t just show you task schedules and progress, it’s actually interactive! That means you can move any task from one day to another, lengthen a project’s schedule, and even show how much of the task is completed.

Co-workers can update the Gantt Chart (their assigned tasks) which will reflect on everywhere across Project Manager. You can also create new tasks right from Gantt Chart window.

Create Tasks

You can also create new tasks right from Gantt Charts. This is simple and effective when you feel you need to create new task to get certain things done.

If your project needs to be tightly scheduled, Gantt Chart is the perfect method to make sure everything is done right on time and you never miss another deadline again!