Amazed by the functionality of this plugin. It offers all in one solution for accepting, managing and payments for user generated content. I made a dashboard page, a comments editing page and Add New Post Page. This gives all the basic functionalities a new author is looking at a site. This impacted a lot on the site and we received a lot of posts everyday.

Jazib Zaman
Founder, WP Arena

WP User Frontend is an effective plugin for interactive websites. It keeps non technical users away from the Wordpress backend. This way you can keep your website safe and secure.

Colin Spencer
Webmaster, The Surname Society

Excellent plugin that is very easy to use. And great service.


WP User Frontend is the best user submission plugin on the market. Within minutes of installing the plugin, I had added a multi-faceted submission form to my website and was receiving guest posts from readers. The plugin seamlessly integrated with my Wordpress theme without the need for complicated customizations. Better still, the content submitted via guest posts stores within the correct categories and fields within my backend admin panel. WP User Frontend is backed by a team of experienced developers and support professionals. When my guest post requirements became more complex, support team member Nazmul provided me with a timely, expert solution. Without a doubt, WP User Frontend is a must-have plugin for all Wordpress users!

Sean Langan
Sound Purpose Limited

I tried several plugins for frontend posting before I stumbled across WP Frontend User Pro. I absolutely love this plugin. It does everything I need it to, and does it extremely well. The setup is easy to understand and implementation is a snap. Also, I've found the developer's support to be top notch. I recently needed to contact them in order to remove an activation from one of my development sites. I didn't have to wait days or even hours for a response. It was minutes and the issue was completely resolved. It's rare to receive customer service like this. Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with my entire experience. These folks are doing it right all the way around.

Jason Sears
Owner/Developer of GMS Designworks

The plugin, besides a few quirks does what it should do. However, any missing functionality can be requested at the support forum, where quick and professional help will almost certainly lead to a satisfactory end result.

Sjors Hijgenaar
MareVisie Projectmanagement/SRC Thor

I don't know what should I say just I know you are best and I thank you for your best support :)

Mohammad Javad

weDevs have always provided great quality plugins for WordPress and their ongoing great service never fades. I would highly recommend their plugins and services.


WP User Frontend PRO gives you a tool with which you can realize multiple solutions. We managed to use it for 3 different problems. It gives you a lot of options and is very easy in use. We really recommend others to use this plugin.

Daniël Brito

Really awesome.. I have been using hundreds of Wordpress plugins over the years but this one really blows my mind! Been struggling finding and testing other frontend post plugins but nothing compares to WP User Frontend Pro, trust me.. It's well worth the money and Tareq, the developer is a very friendly and helpful person. Thanks for making my life a little bit easier Tareq ;-) Keep up this great work please!

Bas Debie

WP User Frontend PRO is extremely fun to use. It can virtually turn any WordPress website into a user driven platform, regardless of topic or concept. Forget forums - this is the future of user generated content! Beyond that, the support is superb.

Richard Kelsey

WPUF is a very best plugin that helped us to set our wp customizable for our users ! No more coding, just compose and it's ok ! Thanks for this :-)


This plugin is the best purchase I have made, I have tried many combinations of different plugins to achieve less than you get with just this plugin, this is the one that gives me a unified, clean, fast and efficient solution. Also the support is unbeatable!


Purchased WP User Frontend for a client. The product is amazing and the support is the best that I have found on the web. I definitely recommend this developer and their products to others.

Linda Allen
Web Design of Volusia

I had been searching for a while for a plug in that world allow user to publish items from the front end of WordPress, as well as the functionality to edit their items. After using the PRO version of WPUF for a very short time it became apparent that this was the solution I had been looking for. Not only was the install simple, but the administrative features were both intuitive and well thought out. Further to this, the support for the plugin (which was only need for queries as opposed to any errors) was exceptional). By far the best plugin I have purchased since using WordPress!!


Absolutely the most amazing plugin on the market!! I was a little hesitant at first with the high price of the developer license but it is way worth it and I will never regret it as this plugin does more than you can imagine but the best part is the support! I have never seen a plugin author be as supportive as Tareq is! He will do everything he can to ensure the plugin works to your needs on your install. Seriously, don't waste time considering the plugin, just buy it ! You will find so many different uses and ideas to implement on multiple single installs and even multisite networks (which is what I use it for)

Mike Price
WordPress Support Guru