New Zone Based Vendor Shipping for Dokan Multivendor

Dokan V2.8.0 release is right around the corner. We are excited to tell you that there are multiple great features, enhancements to look forward to. But we couldn't hold ourselves back anymore!

You will be happy to know that we have revamped the whole shipping system for both Admin & Vendor in Dokan.

Shipping is a very complicated process to handle even for the experts!

So, we thought why not make better shipping with an easier user interface for our marketplace owners.

Introducing The New Dokan Vendor Shipping

With the latest release of Dokan Pro V2.8.0, we are gonna completely change the old way of configuring the shipping of the store products for the vendors(though the old shipping settings will still be available for customers). Using the WooCommerce zone wise shipping system, Dokan will provide a better frontend solution for the vendors when they want to set their shipping prices.

This time around, you don't need to enable Dokan Shipping from the WooCommerce shipping settings separately. It is on by default.

Note: If you want to use the old frontend shipping settings simply enable Dokan Shipping from the WooCommerce shipping settings. See more from here.

The new user interface provides a better representation of the WooCommerce shipping settings that you can set from the backend. Your vendors will be able to select the Shipping Zone and add the methods separately from their own frontend dashboard.

How To Let Your Vendors See The New Frontend

Since the release of WooCommerce V2.6, it introduced Shipping Zones. The admin could select the zone they want to set to fix the shipping. There are three methods under a zone they selected. You have to choose from

What the new Dokan Vendor zone wise Shipping adds is a new option when choosing a Shipping Method for WooCommerce shipping zone. The new option is called Vendor Shipping. It enables the WooCommerce zone wise shipping feature.

Go to wp-admin → WooCommerce  → Settings → Shipping → Shipping Zones → Created Zone → Add Shipping Method

When selecting a shipping method you will find Vendor Shipping. Add it to your shipping method to enable your vendors with zone wise shipping. After adding it your vendors will be able to see all the zones you selected if they go to their dashboard.

Note: You need to set shipping method as Vendor Shipping for each zone to let your vendors see the new options.

Things Admin Can Configure

The new Dokan Pro plugin brings a frontend shipping zone configuration for each vendor. Admins must select the zone for the vendors to see them. They will not be able to set the shipping zone which will be seen by the vendors unless the admin sets the shipping method as vendor shipping.

As an admin, you will be able to select the shipping zone, select the shipping methods for that zone, set shipping classes for a similar group of items. The great thing about this update is the workload for the administrator is greatly reduced. Just configure a few settings and all the rest can be configured by the vendor themselves.

What The Vendor Sees And Can Do

After successfully configuring all the settings your vendors will be able to see the new shipping settings from their store frontend dashboard. It will show the previously configured shipping zone that the admin set.

The vendors will need to go to Dashboard → Settings → Shipping

Once they click on a zone they will be able to see the detailed configuration they can do for that particular area. They will be able to see

  • The zone name: Predefined zone by the admin
  • Zone location: Location of that zone
  • Toggle button to enable limit zone location: Vendors can limit their zone location using a postcode
  • Add shipping method button: Vendors can set their own shipping method

When they click on the Add Shipping Method will see the three methods to choose from.

There are three options.

  • Flat Rate
    • Title: The title of the method
    • Cost
    • Tax Status: Option to set if tax applicable or not
    • Description: General description of the method
    • Shipping Class Cost: Group a particular set of products for a separate shipping price
      • Large item shipping class cost
      • Small item shipping class cost
      • No shipping class cost
      • Calculation type:
  • Local Pickup
    • Title: The title of the method
    • Cost
    • Tax Status: If it is eligible for tax or not
    • Description: General description of that method
  • Free Shipping
    • Title: The title of the method
    • Minimum order amount for free shipping: The least amount of order that will support free shipping

The great thing about this feature is that the vendor won't have to be limited to the predefined settings by the admin. They have full control over the rate, cost, title and all other features they can set.

Excited? So Are We!

The new v2.8 of Dokan comes with many exciting features, enhancements, etc including better shipping from settings from the frontend that we are sure will benefit our customers the most. We tried to listen to our users had to say and act accordingly to develop our product.

It will be released soon so you don't have to wait too long to make your marketplace even better


  • caroline.maleyran


    Would it be possible to adapt the choice of the Shipping Method to specific products?
    I explain : I have a vendor that wants to offer the shipping for the shipping of the small items if they buy at least for 25€. But he doesn’t want to apply this promotion to his large items, because the cost of the shipping is too high for these one.

    • Nayem


      Hello Caroline,

      Thanks for your valuable comment. For a single product, you can use shipping class functionality. Admin will create multiple shipping class and then a vendor would be able to create a new method where they can insert different shipping rate for that shipping class. Now, if the vendor use that shipping class with any product then the product shipping cost would be the cost of that shipping class 🙂

      • caroline.maleyran


        Bonjour, je suis en tr

        • caroline.maleyran


          Hello, I am testing the plugin on my development environment. Unfortunately, I have not seen how to specifically apply free shipping to a given shipping class. This possibility seems applicable per shipping area but for all shipping classes without distinction.

          As stated above, the goal is to be able to set a minimum amount for a shipping class from which delivery will be free. Indeed, the seller wants to offer free shipping from 25 euros to its customers but only on non-bulky products.

  • caroline.maleyran


    Thank you, I think I see how to do, I hope.
    For example, for little items, the vendor can put a free shipping in a specific area for a minimal amount, and fix other conditions for different locations or class.

  • Juan


    When will the release of version 2.8? It’s taking a long time to turn the corner !!!
    Thank you.

    • Nayem


      Hello Juan,

      The next version of Dokan-pro will be released within next couple of weeks 🙂

      Thank you.

      • fripss


        Hi Nayem,

        could you please reply to my previous post ?

        thanks in advance,


  • fripss



    Is it possible for a vendor to set 2 or more shipping options per product and let the choice to the customer.

    Ex : Vendor sell a “product A” and define a shipping cost to 20$ and a “free local pickup” option too.
    After that when customer order this product he can choose if he prefer to be shipped for 20$ or if he prefer the pickup in store option.

    • Mainul Kabir Aion

      Mainul Kabir Aion

      Hi fripss,
      Thanks for your query.
      You can set 2 or more shipping options per product. But there are some configuration and settings involved.
      At first, the Admin has to create a Shipping Class from the backend and assign it to the product.
      Then, the vendor will have to create 2 methods (flat rate and local pickup or free shipping) under a shipping zone. Finally, the vendor will add shipping cost to that class and add the methods.
      This way customer will find multiple shipping while checking out.

      For more clear instruction and step by step process, kindly contact our support team at

      Cheers 🙂

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  • mneskoro


    Hello, I’ve added 25 zones from the admin dash, but not all of my vendors are able too ship to all of these 25 zones, and maybe to only 1 or 19 for example. How can a vendor exclude a default zone from their menu as it was possible in the previous shipping options? Also, how can a vendor specify how many days it takes them to process an order, it seems that vendor needs to go to the old shipping options to do that, and if I disable the old shipping options from the admin dash, then there’s no option available at all. Please help, one of my vendors had to cancel a new order this morning because of this.

    • mneskoro


      Also, there’s no shipping calculator on the product page, it shows an empty tab, how can I remove this tab? Thank you.

      • Nayem


        Hello Mneskoro,

        Thanks for your valuable comment. If you are having any problem with the new zone-base shipping then feel free to create a support ticket to us. Our technical support team will help you.

        Also, the shipping tab issue will be fixed for the new zone-based shipping.


  • Christopher


    Hi, I’ve been frustrated because I can’t seem to have this zone based shipping to work. It says “Shipping method not added successfully” even though I followed all the instructions.


    Hello People, I’m trying to show vendors by shipping zone name. Does anyone can help me with that please. First I created list of shipping zones. Then from this shipping zones I need to click one zone and next page needs to displaying vendors can ship that zone.

    add_shortcode( ‘list_shipping_zones’, ‘shipping_zones_shortcode’, 10 );

    function shipping_zones_shortcode() {

    $delivery_zones = Dokan_Shipping_Zone::get_zones();
    echo ‘


  • Dave


    With this new shipping system. Can vendors create a free shipping class and only put specific products in that class, while they have other products in shipping classes that cost.

    Tshirts could be free shipping, but pants cost 5$ to ship. If someone adds a tshirt and pants, they would only be charged for shipping the pants.

    There are certain times of the year when vendors like to have sales. They would want the ability to make all their products have free shipping for a few days, and then go back to regular shipping cost. Is that easy to do with dokan?

  • Ziggy


    I can’t find the option in the admin settings panel, which would allow newly registered vendors to have “shipping enable” by default.

    It’s super annoying because it stops them from submitting products before they manually go in the Settings –> Shipping Settings –> Enable shipping functionality

    Why would we constrain them from having this one on by default?

    • Lucard


      Unfortunately I think this system has some oversights that make it very difficult to use.
      You could set an extra shipping method in the backend which means at least one method is available.
      However this method will then appear next to all items, whether the vendor has set a method or not.

      So if the vendor wants to charge $50 for shipping, and for the same zone admin adds ‘Free Shipping’ in the backend, when a customer checks out the customer will see both the $50 option and the free shipping option and obviously select free shipping leaving the vendor out of pocket.

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