15 Most Useful Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users & Devs

We all know Chrome right now is the most popular web browser to come out from the tech giant Google. But what we probably don't know is that it is not just because of its simple design or easy-to-use experience but also for the wide range of WordPress Chrome extensions and other useful tools that it provides as add-ons for its users to use with it as an added functionality that makes it the ultimate choice for the internet surfers.

Not for any particular user, Chrome presents the most potent yet amazing free extensions for one and all. And this is probably the biggest Unique Selling Point (USP) right now to encourage internet users to install Chrome and to keep it as their default browser. More so, over the years, even WordPress Chrome extensions have brought immense completion in the development towards the best of user experience for the general WordPress users and its developers.

Starting from needing to manage your WordPress multisite, blogging option to analyzing the SEO of site content & developer customization, you get to enjoy and access a huge repository of Chrome extensions that eases our daily tasks. Moreover, the added functionalities ensure more flexibility and productivity among the users increasing their satisfaction rate.

So if you are looking to enhance the functionality of your site browsing experience from one single platform i.e Chrome, then you are sure to enjoy our top list of some of the best and most widely-used Chrome extensions for WordPress users. Today's exclusive post will highlight some of the best-in-use WordPress Chrome Extensions for developers as well as general users.

So, let's get started, shall we?

15 Best WordPress Chrome Extensions Useful for General Users & Developers


Color Zilla extension chrome WordPress

This extension for Chrome is loved mostly by designers and developers for having the ability to read color from any point of the browser. Its user can adjust the selected color and use it in another program. Moreover, using its eyedropper feature, the tool enables you to read any color code on and off of a WordPress site. The extension consist of some of the cool features like having a history of the recently picked color, automatic copy of colors to the clipboard, keyboard shortcuts, gradient generator via CSS, photoshop like excellent color picker, 7 pre-installed palettes with palette viewer, and more.

It was first available for the Firefox browser only, but now it is also available for Chrome that became a huge hit among its users already. So now Chrome users get to do so much more picking the color of their choice right from their browsers.


Grammarly Chrome WordPress extension

This handy and useful extension is a tool that I personally enjoy using. If you enjoy writing and want to enhance your writing capabilities on any kind of site, then can be no better extension than Grammarly. It also got a premium version that offers more advanced sentence-making functionalities.

Truly an extension for the best experience in proofreading your on-site writings, documents, social network content, and more. It detects common grammatical errors underlining them and suggests the best possible correction to replace them right away while you are writing on your WordPress site and other writing platforms from Chrome. So use it, if you are looking to create better & error-free content for your blogging site in WordPress and beyond. And for that, all you will need is to register and start improving your writing standard by all means.

WP Hive to Analyze WordPress Plugins

WP Hive WordPress Chrome extension

WP Hive is an exclusive extension that provides an awesome repository for WordPress plugins. It provides its users with great insight and valuable metrics that enable anyone to get a complete idea about a plugin is available in WordPress.org. Once added to your Chrome browser, you will get to enjoy key insights and data of over 60k plugins whenever you search them through the official site.

Right from your WordPress.org page, you will get to view all the useful validation results. Installing the extension will also include information on the plugin's impact on memory usage & page speed, PHP related errors, warnings, notices & compatibility, version of WordPress it is compatible with, activation & resource error, how frequently the viewed plugin is updated, whether any issues were found during the testing phase of the plugin as well its optimized database footprint.

Clearly, it's a very handy extension for anyone looking for some deep and preliminary info on the searched plugin before actually making a decision on downloading it.

Note: WPHIVE.com is a dedicated site where you will get to retrieve more in-depth insights and make comparisons between WordPress plugins of your choice. WP Hive offers WordPress deals and a product promotion page where you can get the best plugins/themes deals and also promote your WordPress products.

Window Resizer

Window resizer Chrome WordPress extension

A very useful extension that enables users to resize their browser window emulating various screen resolutions absolutely hassle-free. It helps the designer and developers try out their layout at different screen browser resolutions. Once you add it to your Chrome, you get to navigate its menu bar that appears to have a drop-down menu with customizable window sizes.

What's more awesome about this extension is that it presents its option of window resizing in a pop-up allowing the users to switch between different resolutions faster to see whether breakpoints of media are working as per expectations. Above all, you get to customize the presets and rotate your screen whenever you like. Moreover, there is a customizable global shortcut key that highlights its option of exporting and importing settings on another workstation and more.

Web Developer

Web developer Chrome WordPress extension

A perfect tool for developers who are offered with toolbar buttons added in the browser for them. This was extension designed for Firefox that now is an official port for the web developers using Chrome. With the various tools that are available, it adds a simple toolbar for it. The idea of this developer tool for the developer has been derived from the PNH Developer Toolbar.

To work on the daily task, for both programmers and designers, this exclusive developer-suited extension offers a number of handy tools for them. It is doesn't only work as an ordinary Chrome inspector but does a lot more than that like adding outlines to elements merely by clicking, identifying all broken images, displaying rulers, and much more.


WhatRuns Chrome WordPress extension

If you need to get enlightened with the information about any site in terms of its basic system, analytical tools, WordPress plugins, Fonts, and more then this is the extension you can trust with your closed eye. Moreover one can use this extension if they are surfing through a blog or site and they need to yield some particular technical detail of it right away for further analysis.

Essentially enough, starting from WordPress themes/plugins to any developer tools to ad networks, you name it, you are sure to get all the key insights from this single tool. The coolest thing about it is its notification feature whenever any new technology is installed or removed from your previously checked sites.

WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector

WordPress theme detector Chrome WordPress extension

A very useful extension for detecting the installed WordPress plugins and themes on the site you are visiting. Due to not being dependent on the performance of the Chrome browser, the tool works really fast. It uses a very fast server-end API for its quick detection response of all the connected themes and plugins.

So no more wondering what themes or plugins some of your favorite websites are using. Now if you fancy any themes on any website or want to know what plugins it is using to manage its website, then this is the ideal extension that you need to add to the browser from the Chrome web store.


Lighthouse Chrome WordPress extension

Looking to turn your web browser into an automatic SEO hub? Then Lighthouse is the extension you need. This is a very sophisticated website audit and review tool that anyone looking to generate an advanced website report should have. As a user, you will be able to deliver the stats required on the website to anyone who needs it.

The report that it generates on its dashboard, presents the score of your website in each category with a margin of lowest to 100 being the highest. Generate a report of website performance in five essential categories like Performance, Progressive Web App, Accessibility, SEO, and best practices.


JSONview Chrome WordPress extension

And awesome Chrome extension for the developer who needs to view and validate JSON formatted documents. The original design was for Firefox which then became a hugely popular tool for the developers as a Chrome extension as well for extracting JSON content from displayed pages.

With the extension, the developer can configure the JSON parsing method on the options page. Even though in some rare cases the parsing of the JSON content may fail or alter within the default method. And in case you want to extract the content from the HTTP response with 100% safety, the developer will need to add an extra XML HTTP Request.

CSS Peeper

CSS Peeper Chrome WordPress extension

Inspecting the color styles has never been better with this smart CSS viewer Chrome extension. It enables its user to view CSS code in a simple yet organized manner without any hassle. Get to inspect items on any website instantly. You can easily get all the related specifications and properties of any object to use it on photoshop and sketch.

Moreover, on any website get to inspect the whole color palette. It lists mostly in the most visually appealing way so that one can easily find it quickly. In case you need to extract some assets deeply nested in a code, then you are probably going to enjoy this extension. Truly a designer's best companion in every aspect.


Wappalyzer Chrome extension

Ideally useful for identifying what your website is built with. It is known to let its user know what is the application or software that are installed on any particular website. More essentially it enables the developers to find out what the backend of the WordPress website is made up of. It is a fully open-source extension that provides a great cross-platform utility facility. So detecting any range of various technologies is possible without any trouble.

Not just identifying the CMS platform of the WordPress website, the extension detects thousands of technologies like e-Commerce platforms, various web frameworks, server applications, and more. These are divided into a number of categories such as marketing tools, processors of payment, CRM, CDN, Analytical, programming languages, and other similar commonly used category terms.

WPSNIFFER – WordPress Themes Sniffer

WP Sniffer Chrome extension

You visit a website and love the theme used in it and want to use it on your WordPress site but have no idea what theme is it. So how do you find the detail of the theme used in it? It's very simple, use the Chrome extension, WPSNIFFER and get the name of the theme on any WordPress site that you visit.

This WordPress add-on for Chrome is more than simple to use, just install the extension and start detecting active WordPress themes on the current website. Explore the beauty of finding the name of the theme used on the WordPress site within a single tab. Not just that, this awesome tool even detects active plugins and any customized work present on the WordPress site. Now never keep wondering about the name of any themes that anyone is using on the WordPress site you visit.

WordPress Admin Bar Control

WordPress admin control Chrome extension

If you need to hide your admin bar or show it when you need it, then this extension is for you. Once you are working in the frontend or backend of a WordPress site, then you frequently need to use the Admin bar to switch back and forth from each end. But it also might feel annoying and get in the way sometimes when you are looking to design or take screenshots of the whole page.

So no more botheration of Admin bar control while working on a WordPress site. Now you can simply hide or show the admin bar with one simple click. So if you are in need of controlling the visibility of your admin bar on your WordPress site then this is the Chrome add-on that you need to get. It will simply make your switching back from one admin panel to another a lot easier along with its orange browser button that will hide the admin bar with just one click.


Fireshot Chrome extension

A fine extension for anyone needing to take a screen capture of a webpage to PDF with shareable links (Pro feature). This add-on is probably the best way to take a full-page screenshot with annotations in Chrome. Its simple, easy-to-use and intuitive UI makes the work easier and more convenient than ever. It has a built-in powerful image editor that can instantly edit the captured image.

After taking the screenshot, the user can save it on their PC locally for further use. And more importantly, even without the internet, FireShot works seamlessly on your browser. Furthermore, get to put the focus on your screenshots with arrows, shapes, and text annotations. Save and print screenshots captured in various commonly used formats JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc. Sharing the taken screenshots has never been easier as it supports FTP & custom uploads. Quite a useful tool when it comes to taking full webpage screenshots and do more with it in your favorite browser.


OneCleaner Chrome extension

Are you tired to see your browser always run too slow? You are probably in need of a solid browser cleanup tool. In this regard, OneCleaner can be your ultimate solution for your cleaning up your browsing history, cookie, cache, protect your privacy, tracking and making the browser run faster.

It quickly helps to clean up your browser and help delete the known traces of all your browsing-related activity in order to protect your privacy. This tool is also a fast and easy-to-use add-on for Chrome that gets rid of cache, history, and more. It even helps clean up user's local profiles browsing data quickly. Whether it is of the life history or of the last hour, you can remove the track of all browsing within a single click. Surely, an extension that fulfills the needs of an ideal browser cleanup attribute.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO tool Chrome extension

If you are looking to position yourself in the search then this extension could come in real handy for you. An awesome tool that enables you to have key SEO metrics like rating of your URL and Domain, Search Volume, Organic Search Traffic Estimation, Keyword Difficulty, Number of Ranked Keyword & Backlinks, and more.

You will be needing to have an Ahrefs account in order to enjoy all its insights and information related to SEO inside your Chrome browser. Get to quickly check the on-page SEO report of any page that you visit. It supports features and functionalities like Title and Description to help compare them in an HTML and rendered versions, Canonical URL, Word Count, Social Tags, Localisations, and more. There is also a broken link checker in this SEO Toolbar add-on that can scan and detect web pages for any outgoing broken links.

Choose Your Preferred WordPress Chrome Extensions Wisely To Boost Functionality

WordPress Chrome Extension

The experience of your Chrome's usability improves up to at least 10x times when you know the right combination of extensions to use in it. So it is always wise to take your time to do the right kind of research about all these Chrome extensions available out there before you actually decide to go for its premium version.

Give the free version of your WordPress Chrome extensions a try and in the meantime get an idea of its PRO features to closely analyze whether you actually require the premium features or not. If you enjoy using the free features and it does the job for you, stick with it. But if you feel the premium features are what you actually need to boost your productivity and performance of your daily task then definitely upgrading to it will be a smart decision for you.

No doubt nowadays, there are plenty of chrome extensions that are essentially useful for WordPress users & developers. But picking the right one would naturally improve your overall efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction by all means. And the extensions discussed above are bound to boost the speed and performance of your task at hand. Not to mention the help it will provide to manage your WordPress site with the right kind of efficacy and functionality.

Which Chrome extensions do you use to lift up the effectiveness of your available resources? Is there any absolute personal favorite? Do let us know.

Also, if you are utilizing any of the above-mentioned WordPress Chrome extensions then feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section below.


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