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1. Can I upload files to Dropbox and Google Drive and share and discuss in Project Manager?

Yes, you can upload the files anywhere in the web and share the public download link and discuss.

2. Can I create subtask?

Yes, we have an extension to create subtasks. It addes checkboxes under a task. You can see the details about sub task extension here.

3. Can I keep track of time spent on a task?

Yes, we have an extension to log time spent on a task. Read more about Time Tracker Extension.

4. Do you have any feature like trello?

If you mean like card feature or you want to rearrange your tasks as to-do, doing and done, then you can use our Kanboard Extension for that.

5. Do you have Gantt features?

Yes, we have an extension for  Gantt Chart.

6. How to create a project?

Creating a project is very easy. Simply navigate to wp-admin → project manager → projects → New Project.

7. How to create to-do list?

In order to do this, navigate to project manager → Projects → Create a project or click on an existing project → To-do lists tab.

8. How to add a to-do/task?

Once you are in the To-do list, simply click on Add a To-do. Choose a start and due/end date for the task. Tag co-workers if required.

9. What can we do with “Files” tab in the project?

Simply stated, the Files features will allow you to get file management system like Google Drive within your WP Project manager plugin.

10. My profile image is not showing. What should I do?

WordPress by default shows the profile image using Gravatar. Make sure you have set the avatar from http://en.gravatar.com/.

11. How can I duplicate a project and include the project data in the new project.

You can duplicate your desired project to get the same layout by clicking the “Duplicate” button. Please check this screenshot.

12. How to customize the email templates?

Find how to customize the email templates in the tutorial here.

13. How many projects/tasks can be created/managed by the “WP Project manager Pro” plugin?

There is no limitation for the projects/tasks quantity. If your server memory is strong then you can have unlimited projects/tasks/users.

14. Why I am getting 404 error on the projects, my-tasks and calendar page?

It seems like you did not have set the frontend pages from the settings. Please navigate to wp-admin>project manager>settings>page settings select correct page click save button issue solved.