How to Configure Getting Push Notifications in WP Project Manager

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With the WordPress Project Manager pusher module, you can now get a notification as soon as you are assigned to any task.


To enable pusher notification you need,

  • WP Project Manager
  • App ID, key ID, secret key ID, cluster ID from your pusher account
  • Pusher module

Creating an Account in Pusher

Sign up with your email ID and password at This account is required only for the admin.

Pusher Account creation

Now, click on Create New App on your pusher account dashboard.

Click on Create New App

You will get a pop-up window. There you have to type your App name and then hit Create my app.

Pop-up window

Go to App Keys, where you will find the app ID, key ID, secret key ID, and cluster ID. You will use that to integrate with the WP Project Manager.

App Keys

Copy the app ID, key ID, secret key ID, and cluster ID.

Copy the app id, key id, secret key id, and cluster id.


To activate the pusher settings go to WP Project Manager→Settings→Pusher. There paste the app ID, key ID, secret key ID, and cluster ID you copied from your pusher account.

Pusher Notification

Now, create a task and assign the user. After creating that task, the user will get a notification.

Pusher notification GIF

Note: The user will get a pusher notification when,

  • Adding a new task and assigning a user
  • Setting due date
  • Change the description of the task
  • Adding a comment
  • Editing the task
  • Marking the task as complete

The user will not get a notification when,

  • Task is deleted
  • The task is made private
  • Task moved
  • Setting recurrence
  • Setting label
  • Adding a subtask and assigning a user.

That's it for Pusher Notification. Enjoy the feature.