Post Features

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1. Can I upload and attach images to post?

Yes, you can upload and attach images to post body. You can also upload featured image or attach files to download.

2. Is it possible to post videos from front?

Yes, you can upload videos as files or you can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc. via the richtext editor.

3. Can I submit WooCommerce product from front?

Yes, you can. We have built in form elements for WooCommerce.

4. Can users post from frontend without logging in?

Yes, you can enable guest posting. So the system will not ask the users to login to post. You can set the default post owner in the settings. So all the posts the guests make, will be assigned to that user.

5. Will I get notification if someone makes a new post?

Yes, in the form settings page, we have options to get notified when an user creates a new post or updates a post. So you will receive an email notification each time.

6. I do not want the users to publish posts directly. I want to moderate each post before the appear on my site. Is it possible with your plugin?

Yes, you can approve each and every post before they appear on your site.To do this, you have to set the default post status to pending and turn on post notification. So you will be notified upon new posts and will be able to approve the posts manually.

7. How to add multistep form?

You can check multistep form guideline here.

8. How to enable image upload in post body field?

Navigate to wp-admin > User Frontend > Post Forms > Edit a form > Edit post body field or add to form if not exist, now from the field options tab Enable image upload in post area option.