Allowing User Profile Editing From Frontend

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Using the WP User Frontend, you can allow your registered user to update their profile from the frontend. If you have a registration form already created with WPUF, you should have two different short-codes. One is for registration and other is for editing the profile. You just have to use the profile editing code on a page and give the access to logged in user on that page to edit their profile. Let's see how to do it.

First of all, navigate to wp-admin→User Frontend→Registration Forms→Select the registration form→Copy the ‘Edit Profile' shortcode of your registration form.

Registration Form of User Frontend

Now, Navigate to wp-admin→Pages→All Pages→Create a Page with the shortcode.

WPUF user profile edit page setup

N.B: It's important to select the logged in users and the user roles to display the page.

Well done! Now try creating an account on the frontend using the registration form. (Guessing you have configured the registration form already)

registration form

After registering, please visit the page that we just created with the ‘profile edit' shortcode.

Profile WPUF

Here it is. You can change your profile information including the password from the frontend.