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User Dashboard

A user can see all his posts in his dashboard. To show the dashboard, create a page, for example Dashboard and insert the shortcode [[wpuf_dashboard]]. All the post post type will be shown for the logged in user.

If you want to display a specific post type, you need to mention that. For example, if you want list event instead of post, you can use [[wpuf_dashboard post_type="event"]].

Now admin can customize the dashboard according to his needs by using some newly added attributes like ‘form_id' ,  ‘category' , ‘featured_image' , ‘meta'  or ‘excerpt' .

Admin can show only the posts of their preferred form by adding the form id’s inside [wpuf_dashboard] shortcode. As example, then we can show only the posts of certain forms with id 101, 102 then admin can use the shortcode as [wpuf_dashboard form_id=”101, 102”].

Meta keys can be shown as [wpuf_dashboard meta=”meta_key1, meta_key2”]

Category of the post can be shown as [wpuf_dashboard category=”on”]. Featured images can be shown by [wpuf_dashboard featured_image=”on”]. Excerpts can be shown as [wpuf_dashboard excerpt=”on”]

To configure how many posts will be displayed in a page, you can configure the settings at Settings > Dashboard > Posts per page. There are other settings also for dashboard.

  • You can show the user bio in dashboard
  • Show the count of posts.
  • Show featured image and set the size to display.

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