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The Frontend User Dashboard page can be found in wp-dashboard→User Frontend→Settings.

This page allows you to change various settings for registered users that they can view and use from their dashboard.


  1. Users can edit post?: Select from this drop-down if users will be able to edit their own posts.
  2. User can delete post?: Select from this drop-down if users will be able to delete their own posts.
  3. Pending Post Edit: Select if you want to disable post editing for users while their post is in “pending” status.
  4. Posts per page: Select the number of posts you want to display per page on the dashboard.
  5. Show user bio: Choose if you want to show users biographical info in the dashboard.
  6. Show post count: Choose if you want to show how many posts were created by the user.
  7. Show Featured Image: Enable this box if you want to show featured image of the post in dashboard.
  8. Featured Image size: From this drop-down, select the featured image size to be displayed on dashboard.
  9. Unauthorized Message: Not logged in users will see this message in the dashboard link.