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Here's a list of all the shortcodes you can use with WP User Frontend Pro plugin.

Shortcode Description Tutorial
[[wpuf_form id="X"]] Show the form in a new page. Replace X with the form number. Details
[[wpuf_dashboard]] This shortcode loads the default post type of WordPress. Details
[[wpuf_dashboard post_type="your_post_type"]] Loads specific post types in. Replace x with post type name. Like- “products” for WooCommerce. Details
[[wpuf_edit]] Loads the form fields in the frontend to edit a post. Details
[[wpuf-meta name="a" type="b"]] Show post meta data in the frontend. Replace “a” with meta key name and “b” with type. Details
[[wpuf_sub_pack]] List all the published subscription packs. Details
[[wpuf_sub_info]] Show subscription information. Details
[[wpuf_account]] This shortcode creates an account page for the user with four other pages. Details

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