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The User Listing and Profile add-on lists all the users of a website where WP User Frontend Pro is installed. The list is shown on the front end of the site. You can use this add-on to create a table of lists that show all the users of the site. It is also customizable so you can set what fields to show and which roles can see which fields.

A quick overview of the User Directory Module:

You may also add additional fields from the backend of the site to be shown on the front-end user listing.


Navigate to your WP dashboard, User Frontend, and Modules. Find the User Directory and turn on the toggle button on the top right to activate this module.

When you install the User Listing & Profile add-on, you will notice a User Listing sub-menu under the User Frontend menu in your WordPress dashboard. Refer to the image below for an overview of what each section does.

User Listing Menu

This is where you will find the settings of the User Listing & Profiles add-on.

Avatar On/Off

This checkbox enables/disables the avatars of the users on the User Listing page. If you turn it off, users' avatars will not be displayed. By default, it is turned on so that user avatars show up.


These are the fields that will be associated with each user and will be shown on the user profile. When on the User Listing page, users can click on the View Profile link to see the full profile of the user. Every field from this page will be shown on the user profile. However, you can choose which fields to show in the User Listing table and which fields to hide from the table.


As you can see in the screenshot above, turning this checkbox off makes this particular field hidden from the User Listing table. Furthermore, you can also choose the roles that are needed to be able to view the profile field on the front-end. The roles are customizable on a per-field basis, so you can really customize it to your needs.

Add New Fields

If you want to add more fields than the default ones, you can simply click in any of these buttons and you'll be able to add as many custom fields as you want.


Admins can now select among different built-in design layouts for all user profiles and user listings.

To do this navigate to wp-dashboard->User Frontend->Settings.

To change the Profile Gallery Image Size choose from the dropdown as shown below.

To change the Avatar Size, select a size from the dropdown, as shown below.

To change the profile header template, choose one of the three predefined templates given, as shown below.

To change the User Listing Template, choose one from the 6 predefined templates given, as shown below.

Show the List

To show the list on the front end of your site, first Create a new page, give it a title of your choice, and then add the following shortcode to the page body:


Then publish the page. The User Listing table will be shown on this page.

Customize the View

Show All The User

You can also control who can see what type of users there are on your WordPress site. According to the user type such as

  • Administrator
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Subscribers
  • Customers
  • etc

Navigate to wp-admin → Post → The page you used the User Directory shortcode in

And paste the following code:

[wpuf_user_listing role="all"]

P.S. This code will show all the users on your site to everyone.

Now if you navigate the front end of your site and go to the user listing page as another user other than as an admin.

The User Directory will show everyone in the list on the front end.

Show Certain Users

As an admin, you can also limit certain categories of users from the directory list. This will depend on the admin configuration.

For example here in this user list, Elaine Benes is an administrator.

If you enter the following shortcode in place of the previous one it will limit certain viewing capabilities.

[wpuf_user_listing roles_exclude="Administrator,Customer"]

P.S. In this shortcode, if you can change the roles that will be excluded, Such as vendors, editors, subscribers, etc.

The frontend view will exclude the administrator and Customer from the User Directory. (According to the shortcode)

In the same way, you can limit the number that will be shown on one page with the code below.

[wpuf_user_listing roles_exclude="Administrator,Customer" per_page="10"]

Note: You can now exclude/include the User Role type through the shortcode.

Example: To show only Admin and Subscriber user profiles, you can pass parameters like: 

[wpuf_user_listing roles_include="Administrator,Subscriber"]

Final preview

User Directory redesigned